Out-of-State DWI Attorney in Louisiana

Many times, people pick up a DWI charge in Louisiana area while vacationing or on business. It is very difficult to deal with the criminal courts in Louisiana when you are out of state and are facing a DWI that could affect the rest of your life. 

Our Louisiana DWI defense attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm defend clients who have been arrested for DUI in all areas of Louisiana, but live outside of the area or in another state. Whether you live as far away as Maine or Alaska, our Louisiana DWI lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm can provide legal assistance for your case.

Depending on the type of case you have, you may be able to hire our Louisiana DWI attorneys to go to court for you so you do not have to spend money on travel. Each case is different, so a case-by-case determination must be made.  

Out-of-State DWI Lawyer in Louisiana

A DWI charge is not limited to your state of residence as you can get charged for driving while drunk in Louisiana. It doesn’t matter whether you live here or not, the fact that you have violated the law of the state subjects you to the punishment attached to the offense. DWIs are not limited to an individual’s home state. Regardless of your state, if you get into a DWI case in New Orleans and Louisiana, you must follow the proper procedure to get your case resolved. The worst thing you may want to do to yourself is to run away without resolving the case.

In a case where you have an out-of-state DWI in Louisiana, you need to contact an out-of-state DWI attorney in Louisiana to help in resolving your case. Since this is a different state from your home state, you may not be familiar with the state, so you must get an attorney who knows all there is to do in such a case. DWI law varies by state, but you need to make a court appearance with a DWI attorney in Louisiana to decide on how to get your case resolved.

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What to expect after a DWI arrest

The Department of Motor Vehicle, DMV is in charge of DWI. The DMV in every state has a way in which their DWI is handled. You may be arrested and charged for DWI if your blood-alcohol-level is over the legal limit according to the state law. If you refuse to take the breathalyzer test, you may also be taken in as an offender. Your license may be seized upon a DWI charge until you get the case resolved.

For an out-of-state DWI charge, the arresting officer sends a report to the state’s DMV office where your license is temporarily suspended until your case is presented in court. You are then suspended from driving in Louisiana, and possibly your licensing state. Failure to request a hearing or failure to appear in court extends your suspension to your home state. Getting through to a DWI attorney in Louisiana will prevent your DWI charge from escalating.

Anyone would wish that an out-of-state DWI could go away, but it is better to be realistic with your case so that you can get it resolved easily. If a police officer gives you a court date, you are expected to be in the state court on that day to plead. From the date you were served the court order, you will have to meet up with some deadlines. Failure to meet up will only make your case more difficult to solve.

Making an appearance on a court date is important if you have an out-of-state DWI. Failure to appear may result in an arrest warrant for you. If you fail to appear in the course for your DWI, you will be charged with new offenses such as failure to appear in court or bail jumping. These new offenses will increase the number of charges you have to defend before the judge, and this may put you at a disadvantage for getting your DWI resolved.

What do I do after an out-of-state DWI?

You don’t need to do a lot of things upon a DWI. The major and most important thing you should do is to hire a DWI attorney in Louisiana. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a DWI attorney in Louisiana. He knows the state law and can put you through on the things to do to avoid incurring more charges for yourself. You are expected to hire a defense attorney as soon as you get a court date. Delay is detrimental to the positive result of your case, so you are expected to take it seriously and act promptly.

The smartest thing to do at the point of an out-of-state DWI charge in Louisiana is to contact Barkemeyer law firm. Our DWI lawyers focus in DWI defense and have broad knowledge and background in DWI cases in Louisiana.

Will it affect my license?

Well, yes, an out-of-state DWI will affect your license. Although your driver’s license can only be suspended in your state, another state can suspend and cut you off your driving privileges in the state where you were arrested for a DWI offense. The state where you were pulled up will report your offense to your licensing state, which causes your driver’s license to be suspended. So, a DWI in another state other than your home state does not make you free of penalties or suspension. It will affect your license just the same way it would if you had the DWI charge in your home state.

If you fail to obey the court order and meet the requirements set by the court, such as paying of fines and completing an alcohol program by the state, your suspension continues indefinitely. If your case is reported to the National Driver Registry, it means you will be suspended in every state. All states check and report to this body. They also verify here before issuing and renewing a license, if they notice a conviction or suspension in another state, you will be denied a license. The best way to prevent this from happening is making yourself available to work with your DWI attorney in Louisiana to get your case resolved at once.

Looking for a DWI Lawyer in Louisiana?

If you are looking for a DWI lawyer to defend your DWI case in Louisiana, you don’t need to look any further as the Barkemeyer Law Firm will provide you with the utmost representation and guidance that you need with your DWI case. We have represented several people from different states, so you can trust that we have enough experience to represent you.

Remember that out-of-state DWI will follow you to your home state, so do not hesitate to contact our Louisiana DWI lawyers to get the representation you deserve.

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