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Carl Barkemeyer - Senior Criminal Defense Attorney & Founder

Carl Barkemeyer - Senior Criminal Defense Attorney & Founder

Carl Barkemeyer, Senior Criminal Defense Attorney & Founder

Biography And Experience

Carl Barkemeyer is the owner and founder of Barkemeyer Law Firm. He graduated from McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, Centenary College in Shreveport, and earned his law degree from Loyola Law School in New Orleans. But his journey extended beyond the classroom and courtroom—while studying and beyond, he ventured into the realm of competitive amateur boxing, amassing over a hundred fights. Just as he once stepped into the ring with unwavering determination, he now defends clients with the same tenacity, refusing to allow prosecutors or judges to dictate the course of the case. His mission? To safeguard his clients from the clutches of criminal charges.  Since graduating law school, he has defended thousands of clients with criminal charges.

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Carl Barkemeyer, Senior Criminal Defense Attorney & Founder

Born to Defend

Unlike some, Mr. Barkemeyer didn’t tread the path of a former police officer or prosecutor. Instead, he opted for a role at the public defender’s office post-law school, steering clear of the prosecutor’s domain.

A true defender at heart, Mr. Barkemeyer never harbored any inkling to prosecute the accused. His career trajectory took him from the public defender’s seat to establishing his private practice in 2010. The transition was seamless, thanks to his unwavering stance—always representing defendants, never prosecuting them. Rest assured, if you enlist Mr. Barkemeyer’s services, there’s no need to worry if your criminal lawyer was once on the opposing side, seeking your arrest or conviction.

Years of Honed Expertise

With over 18 years under his belt, Mr. Barkemeyer boasts a wealth of experience safeguarding clients facing criminal charges in Louisiana. His legal journey has been steeped in criminal defense from the get-go, championing thousands of clients in court. That’s an impressive array of cases!

A Dedicated Team

Our associate attorneys share in this unwavering commitment to criminal defense in Louisiana courts. We don’t simply hire fresh graduates; each member of our team possesses a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of criminal cases.

When you’re represented by Carl Barkemeyer and his accomplished team at one of our locations, you’re not just hiring legal expertise—you’re enlisting the dedication, experience, and passion of a defender who knows how to stand strong in your corner.


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