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Marijuana Possession Charges and Penalties Louisiana

Marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug. However, it is in a whole category of its own in Louisiana. In Louisiana, there is a Schedule I drug that pertains to anything with the cannabis plant. Then there is another category for all other Schedule I drugs. Let us look at what marijuana is and what you could expect to face if you are charged with possession of marijuana. 

Possession Penalties For Marijuana In Louisiana

You will find that marijuana has different rules and charges than that of any other Schedule I drug. If you are caught with marijuana for the first time you could face up to six months in jail. That may not sound like a lot, but you may also find yourself looking at a five hundred dollar fine as well. 

Second Offense Marijuana Possession

If you are found with marijuana for the second time, you will find that the penalties are much harsher. You can face up to five years in prison. This can include hard labor as well. Plus, your fine can be up to two thousand dollars. 

Third Offense Marijuana Possession 

If you are found with marijuana for the third time, your punishment is going to be harsher than the second offense. You can find yourself facing up to twenty years in prison. This can also include hard labor. 

Penalties for Possessing Large Amounts of Marijuana 

There is another penalty for those who have possession of marijuana. Those who have large quantities in their possession could face up to a million dollars in fines. The lowest fine for having large amounts of marijuana is fifty thousand dollars. You can also expect to sit in jail for at least five years. The longest sentence that can be handed out is forty years behind bars. 

Penalties for Distribution and Manufacturing 

Those who have possession in large quantities may be charged with intent to distribute or manufacture. This is something that is going to increase your fines and sentence. If you are charged with intent to sell or distribute or with manufacturing, you will expect harsh penalties. This includes at least five years of prison but up to thirty years. Your fine can range anywhere up to fifty thousand dollars. 

Synthetic Cannabinoids 

If you are found with synthetic cannabinoids, your sentence could be up to twenty years. Your fines will also increase to five thousand dollars. 


While most people who possess marijuana are going to be penalized, there are some that will not. Those who have a medical marijuana license will be able to keep their drug without problems. Keep in mind that this depends on the state and person. However, in most cases, Louisiana will accept the medical marijuana cards as a good reason to possess the drug. 

Possessing Weed in a Drug-Free Zone 

Those who bring marijuana near two thousand feet of a property that has signs stating it is a drug-free zone will have harsh penalties. The penalties will multiply by one and a half. This means that if it is your third possession charge, you are looking at over 35 years maximum in prison. 

When to Seek an Attorney For Marijuana Possession Charges

If you are being charged with possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. This is your best chance to have a decent life. Having a drug possession charge on your record will not help you. It will drag you down. 

Those who have drug possession charges may find it difficult to find a job, purchase a home, and many other items. Find an attorney who can meet your needs and help you determine which path is best for you. 

It is important that you tell the attorney everything you know. This is the best bet to allow you to walk without a drug possession charge on your record. Be honest and open. 

Wrapping Up

Possession of marijuana is something that can stick on your record for life. It can cause you tons of problems in the future. It is best not to possess this drug at all. However, if you do possess it and are facing a charge, contact an attorney. They will help you determine which route is the best for you based on your case. 

You should now have a clear understanding of Marijuana possession charges penalties Louisiana.


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