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Forgery Defense Lawyers

Forgery Defense Attorney in Shreveport

Are you in need of a forgery defense attorney in Shreveport? The criminal charge of Forgery in Louisiana is a felony that carries up to 10 years in prison. It is a very serious charge.  Many times, additional charges accompany a forgery charge such as bank fraud, theft, access device fraud, and identity theft.  If you have been arrested for Forgery in Louisiana, we can help. Our criminal lawyers have defended hundreds of clients throughout Louisiana charged with Forgery. We have multiple office locations throughout the state to help with criminal defense matters.  

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Forgery under La. R.S. 14:72

It shall be unlawful to forge, with intent to defraud, any signature to, or any part of, any writing purporting to have legal efficacy.  Issuing, transferring, or possessing with intent to defraud, a forged writing, known by the offender to be a forged writing, shall also constitute a violation of the provisions of this Section.

Definitions for Forgery

(1)  “Forge” means the following:

(a)  To alter, make, complete, execute, or authenticate any writing so that it purports:

(i)  To be the act of another who did not authorize that act;

(ii)  To have been executed at a time or place or in a numbered sequence other than was in fact the case; or

(iii)  To be a copy of an original when no such original existed.

(b)  To issue, transfer, register the transfer of, pass, publish, or otherwise utter a writing that is forged in accordance with the meaning of Subparagraph (1)(a).

(c)  To possess a writing that is forged within the meaning of Subparagraph (1)(a).

(2)  “Writing” means the following:

(a)  Printing or any other method of recording information;

(b)  Money, coins, tokens, stamps, seals, credit cards, badges, and trademarks; and

(c)  Symbols of value, right, privilege, or identification.

forgery defense attorney Shreveport LA
forgery defense attorney

Should You Hire a Lawyer For a Forgery Charge?

When you are accused of forgery, you need a competent criminal defense attorney on your side. In Louisiana, forgery is defined as forging a signature on a written document that has legal efficacy. The act of forgery also includes knowingly issuing, transferring, or possessing a forgery. Here are some tips to help you decide which attorney to hire.

Legal options

If you have been charged with forgery, you may be wondering what your legal options are. If you’re facing felony charges, it’s a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can break down the case’s complex details and devise strategies to minimize the charges. Even if the charges are not dismissed, your lawyer can help you understand what to expect.

To find an experienced attorney, you should search for one who specializes in the relevant area of law. Make sure the attorney has experience in handling cases similar to yours. It’s also helpful to learn about their background and the type of cases they have handled. An experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to assess the facts of your case and give you realistic advice on how to move forward. Forgery cases are difficult to prove, but an attorney will be able to work to ensure that you are treated fairly.

Forgery charges can be filed against any individual who alters a false writing or possess it. For example, a college student might alter a roommate’s voter’s pamphlet. While this wasn’t forgery, it was deceitful use of a document. Even the signing and cashing of a check may be considered forgery. Forgery charges are serious, and you should speak to a knowledgeable defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Forgery is a white-collar crime, and it involves falsifying documents to defraud someone. It may involve any number of documents, such as government-issued documents or medical prescriptions. The prosecution must prove that you intended to deceive others, but even when the forgery charge is proven, it will likely be difficult to prove. Whether the documents were faked or forged, the intent to deceive someone is paramount.

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forgery attorney near me


Whoever commits the crime of forgery shall be fined not more than $5000, or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than 10 years, or both.  If placed on probation, the defendant would have to undergo supervised probation with the Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole for up to 3 years.

If you’re facing a forgery charge in Shreveport, you should know what your potential penalties are. Depending on the circumstances, you may be sentenced to up to five years in prison, or even more. Additionally, you may be ordered to repay the victim, or victims, in full. If the offense is repeated, you may even face life in prison. If you’re facing a forgery charge in Shreveport, it’s best to seek legal advice from a forgery defense attorney in Shreveport.

First, you must make sure that you’re not guilty of the crime. In Shreveport, forgery charges are often accompanied by other offenses. Evidence of fraud, intent to defraud, or systemic corruption is admissible. You need to prove that you did something wrong to be guilty of forgery. Remember that a forgery charge may be accompanied by several other crimes.

There are many different forms of forgery, so it’s important to seek legal counsel right away. In addition to criminal charges, you may also be accused of forging a loved one’s signature. Regardless of the circumstances, you should consider the penalties of forgery. If the document you forge is a personal check, the penalties for a forged check may range from a $500 fine to five years in prison. Federal court will handle forgery cases involving forged federal documents.

Louisiana law defines forgery as the act of adding someone else’s signature to a piece of writing, with the intent to defraud someone. While the penalties for forgery charge in Shreveport may vary, it is a serious offense. A felony conviction in this area can result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years, plus a fine of $5000.

If you’re facing a forgery charge in Shreveport, Louisiana, it’s imperative to consult with a local lawyer for legal advice. A qualified lawyer can guide you in deciding what to do in order to protect your rights. If you have a forgery charge in Shreveport, Louisiana our forgery defense lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm can help. A lawyer will be able to advise you on how to handle your case in the most effective manner.

Caddo forgery charge
Forgery arrest in Shreveport

Alternatives to forgery charges in Louisiana

Forgery is a serious crime and carries hefty penalties. Even the slightest forgery can land you in jail. It could be as simple as signing someone else’s name on a piece of paper, altering a grade, or writing a note pretending to be someone else. Moreover, forgery in adulthood is punishable by jail time and significant fines. If you have been charged with forgery, you will want to speak with a Caddo Parish white-collar crime attorney to avoid any punishments.

There are various defenses available to you, including lack of fraudulent intent. In order for forgery to be prosecuted, prosecutors must prove that the person had the intent to defraud the person who received the document. This means that if you were merely trying to make a joke or prank, you can argue that you were not trying to defraud anyone. However, if you are facing a criminal charge, the evidence you have gathered will be useless.

If you’ve stolen money from another person, you can also be charged with forgery. Louisiana law prohibits forgery, as well as counterfeiting, and requires proof of intent to defraud. If you forged a check to rob a bank, the person you forged the check from will also face criminal charges for forgery. And if you’ve forged a check to a friend’s bank, the person who forged it will be held responsible for the crime. In some cases, both parties can be charged with forgery.

If you’ve committed a forgery crime, you may be able to fight the charge. Many Louisiana judges allow for expungement in certain situations. The court may even grant you an expungement after a jail term or probation term. However, if you’re charged with forgery, you may also be prohibited from owning guns. If this happens, you will lose your right to own a gun in Louisiana.

Choosing a forgery defense attorney in Shreveport

If you are facing a forgery charge in Shreveport, Louisiana, you may be wondering how to choose a defense attorney. There are many options available. A knowledgeable attorney can look over the details of your case and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your legal options. A defense attorney has years of experience handling cases similar to yours. A criminal defense attorney will be familiar with the statutes and case law relevant to the charge you are facing, and they can advise you accordingly.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you avoid jail time and fines. It is vital to hire an attorney as soon as possible, after all, a criminal charge carries a substantial penalty. A competent Shreveport lawyer will be able to defend your interests and minimize your potential punishment. He has handled thousands of criminal cases, so he can effectively advocate for you. While you may believe the police made a mistake, it is always better to choose an attorney who has extensive experience.

An experienced forgery defense attorney in Shreveport can challenge the admissibility of the handwriting analysis report, which can be particularly crucial in cases of forgery. A skilled lawyer will examine the case thoroughly to determine whether it contains any evidence that could help the prosecution. If the evidence is not solid, a competent lawyer will challenge it and challenge the handwriting analysis report. During the preliminary hearing, a defense attorney will investigate the facts of your case to determine how best to fight the charges.

In addition to the reputation and the financial impact of a forgery charge, the charges can damage a person’s life. A good defense attorney can help mitigate these consequences and protect their reputation. The attorney will also be familiar with local judges. A criminal defense attorney should have relationships with these judges. You can choose an attorney based on their experience, reputation, and track record, and make an informed decision.

Barkemeyer Law Firm of Shreveport Louisiana has a team of criminal defense attorneys who handle forgery charges very frequently. Barkemeyer Law Firm has multiple locations in the state of Louisiana. Take a look at the Shreveport location of Barkemeyer Law Firm below.

Contact our forgery defense lawyers in Shreveport soon after your arrest. Do not wait until the court date. For the best forgery defense attorney in Shreveport choose Barkemeyer Law Firm.


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