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Synthetic Cannabinoids Lawyer in New Orleans, LA

Substances manufactured to behave like marijuana are called synthetic cannabinoids.  These substances are known as “fake weed” or “fake marijuana.”  These substances are illegal in Louisiana if they contain a specific chemical formula that is included in the current statute.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Lawyer in New Orleans, LA

Synthetic Cannabinoids can be defined as substances that are produced to act like marijuana. Since they are not the main marijuana, they are given other names such as “fake marijuana” and “fake weed”. Although with the legalization of CBD hemp in some states, these substances are considered to be illegal in Louisiana if they happen to possess some chemical compounds or elements similar to those outlined in the current statute below:

Synthetic cannabinoids are known to be an area of law that has existed for more than half a decade. These drugs were not yet addressed and known and regarded by the state and federal before the year 2010. Drugs that are regarded as synthetic cannabinoids are known to be some of the following; moon rocks, skunk, fake weeds, black mamba, K2, and spice. Synthetic cannabinoids are known to be sold more in abundance as legal and safe alternative to cannabis. However, you should note that these two traits attached to it are really misleading the mass.

Legality by The Federal Government

After series of emergent demonstration has come up consistently, the medical therapeutic advantage of marijuana maladies in its natural form and the number of states that have followed up accordingly and achieved legalization, cannabinoids are still known to be grouped under federal laws in accordance to the Schedule I controlled dangerous substances. This schedule of classification is regarded to be drugs that are not being used for medical purposes and has got a very high level of abuse. Emergency-scheduling authority has been exercised by the Drug Enforcement Agencies (DEA) about two different occasions in different years to put serious consideration and restrictions to eight various types of synthetic cannabis that have been found by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and has been outlined as a Schedule I controlled substance.

• The easily first situation of being found with the possession of synthetic cannabinoids that happens to be part of the eight various types of synthetic cannabinoids outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as being classified in Schedule I controlled substances are accompanied by federal charges that may include just a year in prison or a relatively fined amount of $1,000.

• Whereas in a situation where the defendant has been involved in a drug case like this before, he is sanctioned with a minimum of 2 years in prison and a minimum fined amount as high as $2,500 or more. Depending on the degree of the case. However, if it is discovered that the defendant has been involved in 2 similar drug cases, the prison term is increased to 3 years and also the minimum fined amount is also increased to $5,000.

Legality by The State Government

Almost all states classify any synthetic cannabinoids related drugs as part of the Schedule VI controlled substances. The drugs classified under the Schedule VI controlled substances are regarded as drugs outlined by the legislature to be of no use for any medical purpose and also has a low level of addiction.

• The easily caught possession of this drug either in a half-ounce quantity or a little quantity of it would only sanction you for fines amount and also inputting your name in the criminal records data. But you would not be thrown behind bars to serve jail sentences. As this is regarded as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

• In a situation where the defendant is caught with the possession of more than a half-ounce could cause the person a jail term or about 120days. However, you should note that this sentence depends on the criminal record of the defendant. This sanction is regarded to be a Class 3 misdemeanor.


Safety of Synthetic Cannabinoids

The synthetic cannabinoid is not regarded as a safe substance because of its relationship and similarities with marijuana. They are both considered as illegal drugs. Synthetic cannabinoid has been discovered for having the ability to affect exactly the same part of the brain that is affected by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) just the same way it does with marijuana. But the synthetic cannabinoids are known to have a stronger effect and also has not many predictable ways. Some of the widely known synthetic cannabinoids are known to be stronger than the THC by a hundred times gap.

Synthetic Cannabinoid Outlaws

The various numbers of synthetic cannabinoids and its diverse damaging effects have made it a very difficult task to legalize it by the government. Although, the efforts that the DEA has put into shortlisting synthetic cannabinoids into the Schedule 1 controlled substances has proved not effective. The reason is that most manufacturers of synthetic cannabinoids keep producing new products that haven’t been banned by the DEA and supply them to the markets for other purposes not meant for the consumption of humans.

Do I Need an Attorney for Synthetic Cannabinoid?

This is a great question to ask when you’re in such a situation. The answer to this question is definitely positive. Being charged with a case like synthetic cannabinoid the first and immediate step you need to take is by hiring a criminal defense attorney to handle the case. You cannot handle such cases by yourself so you definitely need an attorney. You need an attorney that is experienced and can handle this properly. Criminal Lawyer New Orleans is the right choice for such circumstance. Your case would be handled with the best of experience. You shouldn’t feel nervous about explaining the degree of your case. We are always here at New Orleans, Louisiana to support our clients and give them the best support and defense required. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a good and reliable criminal defense attorney for cases involving the possession of synthetic cannabinoid or any similar case. The main importance of hiring an attorney to handle your case is that, with the assistance of an attorney that’s experienced, your case could be ruled in your favor. This is trying to say that you could get smaller prison sentences if your attorney defends well or you can pay fewer fine amounts. Hiring a Criminal defense attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana like Lawyer New Orleans would be a very great idea because, at Barkemeyer Law Firm law firm, they have experienced lawyers that have handled such cases in the past and would also be ready to serve you in your case.

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