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Barkemeyer Law Firm are heroin possession defense attorneys in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our firm practices primarily criminal defense in Louisiana. We represent clients with heroin charges in Orleans parish.  Heroin charges are taken extremely seriously in Orleans parish. However, after handling thousands of drug cases, we know what to look for to get the best result.

What is Heroin Possession?

Let’s talk about heroin possession generally.  To prove you were in illegal possession of drugs, the prosecutor must prove that you knowingly and intentionally possessed the drugs without a valid prescription.  This is done by looking at the facts that can be proven at trial.  The drugs could be found on your person, which would be actual possession. Or, they could be found near you, such as in your glove compartment or trunk. This is called constructive possession. The same drug could be possessed by you and another individual. This is called joint possession.  We examine the provable facts for defenses. For instance, maybe the passenger didn’t know that the driver had heroin in the glove compartment. Therefore, the passenger did not knowingly and intentionally possess the drugs.

Illegal Search and Seizure

We also fight these charges by attacking the legality of the search and seizure.  The police officers must act reasonably and not violate your constitutional rights during the search and arrest.  Our New Orleans heroin possession lawyers know the constitutional law and how to defend it.

Treatment for Heroin

Another way we like to try to help our clients with heroin cases is by having my client seek treatment.  We try to show the prosecutors and judges that jail is not always the answer.  Many times, my clients are good people that got into a bad habit or experimented with the wrong thing.  Heroin is a drug that must be kicked for the individual to survive.  

Heroin Lawyer New Orleans

Equipped with excellent communication skills and years of tangible courtroom experience, our lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm have developed the ability to communicate seamlessly with our clients while aiming for their best interest in any criminal court case. Wherever the case may arise within the state of Louisiana, the Barkemeyer Law Firm are most likely there to offer their services. This is the case regardless of the criminal charge. Ranging from Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), drug charges to murder and battery. Whatever the charge may be, odds are, we most likely have successfully handled similar cases in the past while representing a wide array of clients.

Heroin charges are generally classified under drug charges. Within New Orleans Parish, Louisiana, we have represented clients in handling thousands of cases concerning various degrees of heroin charges in a wide array of circumstances. So, although we might not claim to be the best, we know what exactly to look for in order to get the very best result from a case in favor of our clients. Heroin charges of all sort, are taken quite seriously in New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana. But before we go on, let us take a look at what exactly a heroin charge is and what it entails.

What is Involved in Heroin Possession Charge

Drug charges generally can be said to be divided into three different major categories. Those situations are possession, distribution, and possession with intent to distribute. Of which none is to be taken for granted as they can all land you in a heap of trouble if not handled properly. For the prosecutor to successfully prove that you were involved in illegal possession of heroin (or any drug), they must first prove that you knowingly and intentionally possessed heroin (or the drug in question) without a valid prescription. This is the primary aim of the prosecutor during the trial and various situations and facts surrounding the case could be used to achieve this goal.

There various situations possible with regard to the charge for possession of heroin. When the drug is found directly on your person, you could be said to have been in actual possession of the drug. While in some events, the heroin is found in your immediate surroundings, such as your trunk or glove compartment. Such events could be described as you having constructive possession of the drug. Additionally, when the drug is found in the presence of you and another individual, both of you could be charged for possession of the same drug. This particular situation is known as joint possession. Joint possession is usually the assumed charge for two or more people present in a place or a vehicle where the drug was found as long as there is no irrefutable proof that the drug belongs to only one of the individuals. So, these different situations call for critical consideration of the facts surrounding the case.

Moreover, the facts surrounding a case also give the opportunity to exonerate a client. In this way, an innocent person, for instance, a passenger in a vehicle, would not be implicated along with the guilty party (maybe the driver) when the drug is found in the trunk of the vehicle. This is possible when the innocent party had no idea that the drug was present, so he or she did not intentionally and knowingly possess the drug.

Additionally, heroin lawyer New Orleans also takes into consideration the procedures observed during the search and seizure of the heroin or drug. We could mount an offense on the charges against our clients by tackling the legality of the search and seizure procedures leading to his or her prosecution. Regardless of the situation, or rather in most situations, you have certain inviolable constitutional rights which must be observed by the officers even during search and arrest. Our heroin lawyer New Orleans are well acquainted with the rights you have as a person and would be glad to do our very best in ensuring that these constitutional rights are upheld.

Although the eventual outcome of the case rests in the hands of the judicial system, we at Barkemeyer Law Firm always put in the maximum amount of effort possible in order to support our clients. The heroin lawyers in New Orleans associated with our firm have ample experience. They have interacted with the strict legal system implemented in the region frequently enough to know what approach would best suit a client.

Not to mention the effort put into contacting the necessary parties such as the detective in charge of the case. This is to ensure that right from the investigation phase of the criminal case, we are well equipped with all the facts needed to get the best possible outcome for our clients. Also, in some cases, it is very much within the realm of possibilities to work out a more suitable deal for our clients with the office of the defense attorney involved in the case. A complete exoneration is not impossible if the facts and certain conditions are in favor of the defendant.

Our defense attorneys have earned a reputation for the aggressive and most effective defense method we usually employ. Our success rate in various court cases is a solid prove of our ability. During the entire court case, we make it a priority to keep our clients involved in the entire proceedings. This way, they would be part of the case both within and outside the courtroom. The clients would be able to enjoy a free communication channel and at all times would be aware of all the options available to them.

As heroin lawyers New Orleans, we also offer treatment for heroin intake. We offer this treatment to aid in the rehabilitation of our clients and also to show the court that a jail or prison sentence is not the only available option and is not always the best solution. Heroin is a drug which could be likened to a plague. We do our best to fight against it and protect our client while doing so.

Heroin Defense Attorney in Louisiana

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