Gun Charge Defense Lawyer in New Orleans

People are allowed to have guns in Louisiana, as long as they are registered and you aren’t a felon. When guns aren’t registered, you can end up with a gun charge in Louisiana and would need a gun charge Lawyer in New Orleans to represent you.

Gun Permits and Licenses

The state of Louisiana allows adults to buy and carry firearms openly without having a permit. This means that if you don’t have a permit, you must carry the weapon openly for everyone to see it. When you conceal it and you don’t have a permit, it could lead to a gun charge being brought against you. Immediately you are arrested for this, don’t take it for granted and start talking. You should contact your gun charge lawyer in Orleans from a reliable firm like Barkemeyer Law Firm.

For you to carry a concealed firearm, you need to have applied for a concealed carry permit, and gotten it.

Before August 1, 2013, it was expected that every gun owners register their firearms before they are allowed to possess them. Times have changed. Now, you can carry guns without the need to register them in Louisiana, as long as it is done openly.

If you want to move about with concealed weapons, get the needed concealed permit.

Prohibited Weapons

The fact that you are allowed to carry some weapons openly in Louisiana doesn’t mean that there aren’t prohibited ones. Switchblades aren’t allowed in the state of Louisiana, and it comes with penalties for those that violate the laws.

People in the state of Louisiana is not allowed to carry explosives and bombs, for whatsoever reason. It worsens when you have the intention to use them to commit a crime. If you are caught with these prohibited weapons, it is advisable to get a gun charge lawyer in Orleans from a reputable firm like Barkemeyer Law Firm.

Convicted Felons

Those that have been convicted for some crimes are not allowed to carry a firearm for a number of years. If they come close to a firearm, they could spend a long time behind bars. An example is someone that was committed if burglary in the past. Under no condition is such a person allowed to carry a gun for at least ten years, whether open or concealed. If done, it could worsen your situation.

If you are on probation, you are not allowed near a firearm whether you were convicted of one of such felonies that attract such a ban or not.

It is only after ten years, and the felon has shown no intention of committing another crime shall he be allowed to carry a firearm.

Some of these felonies that one may have that may prevent them from carrying a firearm, either open or concealed for a period of ten years:


If you have been caught with a crime like a burglary, under no condition will you be allowed to carry a firearm for at least ten years?

Felony crimes of violence

When you have been convicted of a crime like this, you aren’t allowed to be seen with a gun, whether in open or concealed for at least ten years.  If you are caught, you need an attorney that knows its onion from a reputable firm like Barkemeyer Law Firm to represent you.

Weapons offenses

If you have been convicted of weapon offense, under no condition should you be seen fondling a weapon, if not, you may have a gun charge to face? You need a gun charge lawyer in Orleans to defend you.

Felony drug crime

For someone that has been convicted of felony drug crime within the last ten years, you aren’t allowed to carry a weapon until ten years after your probation is over, for any reason whatsoever.

Sex crimes

Whatever sex crime may be, rape or something else, you aren’t allowed to possess a gun. You need a gun charge lawyer in New Orleans to build up a good defense for you.

It is illegal to give a felon a firearm when the felon is not allowed to carry such a firearm. Such a person can be convicted of a gun charge.


Under no condition is any person allowed to fire a gun in about a thousand feet of an ongoing parade. This doesn’t include those hunting, those carrying out historical reenactments, and law enforcement officers.

It is also not permitted for someone to possess a concealed weapon that doesn’t have a permit in a thousand feet close to a parade route, especially when such a gun has been used in carrying out crime before.

These laws were put in place to prevent catastrophic incidents from occurring like in the case of Mardi Gras parades in the past. Gun violence has occurred in the past, and to prevent this, this law came about.

Children and Schools

Kids that fall below the age of seventeen years parent allowed to have access to handguns based on the Louisiana law. There is an exception to this, and they are in the case of target shooting or hunting.

When a kid is on private property and has gotten the express permission of the owner, he or she can carry it.

Louisiana bans the carrying of a firearm in the school or any school activity. There are exceptions to this, as well.

Employees that have the duty of securing those in the school are allowed to carry the firearm.

Law enforcement officers are also allowed to carry such weapons even when on the school bus or on the campus.

If a student is caught with a gun in school, he or she is flouting the Louisiana law. If a fan is seen with a gun while at a high school basketball game, he or she is violating the law. The only time a person is allowed to do this is when he or she is a security guard in the school or works for a law enforcement agency.

If caught, what should you do? Contact a gun charge lawyer in New Orleans immediately to represent you. Contact the criminal attorneys in Barkemeyer Law Firm.

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