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Filing False Public Records in New Orleans

Filing false public records or falsification of records is a criminal case in Louisiana. It is the submission of modified, altered, or incorrect information/documents for deceit. When submitting any document about yourself, either to the government or a company where you work, if any piece of the information contained on any page is discovered to be false, it can result in jail terms for you. It can even be considered a felony.

Of course, falsification of records can be done by both a company in search of an employee and an employee looking forward to being employed. Having a false record on your driving license and many other things can lead to serious implications punishable by the law. However, if you are charged for filing false public records, you just can’t give up as Barkemeyer Law Firm is readily available to offer the help and assistance needed at this point. Where to go? Barkemeyer Law Firm.

Barkemeyer Law Firm is a professional and experienced attorney licensed for any criminal case in New Orleans. He might just be the right lawyer for you. He has the exact quality you would be looking out for in a lawyer. With many other falsifications of record case won, yours could be the next.

Documents that may be falsified or cases that count as falsification of records

At Barkemeyer Law Firm, as part of the professionalism of our criminal defense attorneys, you’ll be made to understand the legal proceedings involving the falsification of records crime. So, on what instances can you be charged with the falsification of records? Here are some of the types of documents that can be falsified:

Birth certificate (when applying for a job or any document with the government)

Tax returns (one of the commonly falsified documents)

Sales record in a business organization (intentional increment to the actual number of sales that is against the Income statements

Immigration documents (i.e. Visas or passports)

Bank account records

Filing false public law is a white-collar crime and it is not overlooked in New Orleans as the perpetrator is made to face the law and served with appropriate consequences. Just like other criminal offenses, filing false public records is equally grievous.

The law enforcement usually would not take long to reach out to anyone who files a false public record. Whether you are still under interrogation by your employer or the police, if you have been arrested for filing false public records, you need to protect your rights. You need to reach out to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Filing false public records is a major case that you can’t go through by yourself. The road to take to make things work for you is to hire a filing false public record lawyer in Orleans to represent you and plead your case.

You can earn yourself filing false public record charges if you are caught with any forged document, any document altered in a wrongful way or possession of documents containing false information or representation of a fact.

Penalties of filing a false public record

Anyone who commits the crime of filing false public record shall face a prison sentence of not more than 5 years with or without hard labor or shall pay a fine of not more than $5,000 or both. The penalty could be more severe if evidence could be provided that the offender had an intent of fraud or If the act is done for financial gain, which is usually the case most of the time.

Aggravating factors for this crime include the victims involved and the value of the loss. The higher the value of the loss, the higher the penalty.

Arrested for filing false public record charge in Orleans?

If you are charged for filing false public records, you shouldn’t delay in taking legal action. Your defense attorney in New Orleans should be your new best friend. Whatever it is you would like to discuss about your case should be with your defense attorney.

A defense attorney will stand in court to represent you so, you can hold them as your confidant throughout your criminal case. Your defense attorney analyzes your case and examines how the investigation is carried out. If the evidence put up against you is not drawn legally, your defense attorney can get your case dissolved.

When hiring a defense attorney for your filing false public record charge, you must hire an experienced attorney. Experience is one of the important qualities to look out for in a defense attorney. The criminal justice jungle is not easy to conquer, you need an experienced attorney who has seen diverse cases to help you out. There are times that you only need to make negotiations to get your case resolved, a skilled and experienced defense attorney is up for negotiations that will benefit their client.

In any criminal case that you find yourself, including filing false public records, your defense attorney is your friend. If you get charged with filing false public records in Orleans, you must get through to a filing false public record lawyer in Orleans. An experienced identity crime attorney knows the best possible way to help you through your case. He will take to analyzing and mapping out a defense strategy that is best for your case.

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Barkemeyer Law Firm is a criminal defense attorney who operates in Orleans and New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a special skill and lengthy experience in dealing with cases of filing false public records. He has represented several people charged with filing false public records, so you can be sure that he will be able to give you the representation you deserve.

Barkemeyer Law Firm is all about the interest of his clients. He works relentlessly and fiercely to protect the interest of his clients. Reach out to the criminal lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law for consultation and representation on your filing false public record charge.

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