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Felony Drug Charges New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are facing felony drug charges in New Orleans, Louisiana, Barkemeyer Law Firm is no stranger to these types of drug charges.  Our New Orleans criminal attorneys and felony drug charge lawyers provide representation to clients with various types of felony drug charges.  We do this in the criminal court in New Orleans, Louisiana and can help you too. 

If you are facing a felony charge from an arrest in Orleans Parish, then your case will go to court in the district courthouse in New Orleans, LA.  A felony in the state of Louisiana is a criminal charge that may be punishable at hard labor. These charges must be taken seriously as they can land a defendant in state prison for a long time.  Therefore, an experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorney is necessary to get the best result in your case.  This is exactly how Barkemeyer Law Firm can help.

Aggressive Drug Charge Attorneys Representing Clients In New Orleans

Our aggressive drug charge attorneys offer strong representation to clients who are facing felony drug charges in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, if you are facing an arrest that involves a felony drug charge in Orleans Parish, then it is probably right that your case would be led to court just in the district courthouse located in New Orleans, LA. We are in charge of handling all kinds of felony drug charges in either federal and state court. A felony drug charge in Louisiana is a degree of case that may be punishable by a sanction of hard labor. And also, cases involving felony drug charges should really be considered with all seriousness because a disorder in it can cause a person long prison sentences. This is the main reason why a well experienced criminal defense attorney at New Orleans is important to help you achieve the best possible result in your case.

We’ve Helped Thousands Of Clients In NOLA And Surrounding Areas

Over time, we have been involved in the defense of more than a thousand persons accused of felony drug charges. Our criminal attorneys have been involved in helping clients facing possession of felony drugs, possession of drugs with the intention to distribute, distribution of drugs, manufacturing, drug trafficking and more. Our firm has the experience, knowledge of the law to handle any drug charge case you may be facing.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help by providing the representation you need.

What are drug felony charges?

Drug felony charges can be defined as charges that are placed on a person for drug-related crimes. They can also be called felony offenses or misdemeanor offenses. Felony drug defense is regarded to be one of the most serious and sanction-able offenses in several states. In a situation whereby, a person is involved in a drug felony case, he would be made to pay huge fines amount or be sentenced to long jail terms. These two sanctions also depend on the degree of the crime.

What are examples of felony drug charges?

There are many charges attached to the felony drug cases. Felony drugs are composed of different drugs and not just simple possession of drugs. Some of the many charges of a drug felony in Louisiana are as follows:

Felony Drug Charges in Louisiana Cocaine Charges in Louisiana

This is simply trying to say that any drug charge that involves the presence and of cocaine is regarded as a felony. Cocaine is classified in Schedule 2 of controlled substances. This means that medical prescriptions are required before it can be obtained. The unauthorized possession of cocaine in a quantity that is more than 2 grams can cause a person sanctions of about 2 years in jail. If you are in any way caught with the possession of cocaine in a larger quantity of about 2-28 grams, you will definitely be aspiring for a prison sentence of about 1-5 years in jail. Although this is not always certain if you have a well-experienced attorney to handle the case. But in a situation whereby you are caught with the possession a large quantity of up to or more than 28 grams, it is termed as possession with the motive of distribution and this comes with a 20 years jail sentences and a fine amour of about $50,000.

Meth Possession in Louisiana

Having known Meth as the short for methamphetamine, you should also note that any case involving Meth possession charges is regarded as a felony in Louisiana. Meth is also known to be classified in the schedule 2 drugs category, this means that it is similar to cocaine when it comes to sanctioning and sentences. Methamphetamine is known to be a very strong synthetic drug that is only produced in a Meth lab rather than being produced by the pharmaceutical industry. The big issue with Meth is that most intakes don’t know the effectiveness of any amount of dosage taken. Meth has been identified as a very dangerous drug to the body, and it also can cause a high level of addiction. Why we try to access situations in our drug defense is to know if our clients and their case would be good benefits from the treatment of drug. In several cases, we need to evaluate for a substance abuse evaluation. This is done so because treatment can serve as a medium to achieving a successful case. Click here for more on methamphetamine defense.

Charges of Heroin in Louisiana

Heroin is widely known as a dangerous drug and is classified in the Schedule 1 controlled substances that cannot undergo medical prescriptions. It is considered as Schedule 1 controlled substances because it can cause danger and it has a great level of abuse and dependency. Charges of heroin can be sanctioned with a mandatory minimum term of2 years in jail and either 4-10 years in jail for higher degrees of such cases. The difference in the sentence or sanctioning depends on the amount of dosage caught with the person. It’s mostly according to weight. The possession of heroin is considered to be a very serious offense. That is the reason why prosecutors and judges do not go on lightly with cases involving the possession of heroin, and also the possession of heroin with the motive of distribution. Our defense attorneys that are in charge of heroin charged cases have the required experience to handle these cases and build a powerful defense to protect our clients. Click here for more on heroin defense.

Felony Marijuana in Louisiana

Lots of changes that have to do with marijuana laws in Louisiana have been made. But most of these changes are related to marijuana prescription and how physicians are able to prescribe Schedule 1 marijuana in Louisiana. Some other big change that has been made is that the second time offender of marijuana possession is now a misdemeanor. But before now, being caught with the possession of marijuana second offense was a felony. A third offense of marijuana possession is regarded as a felony and can be sanctioned by about 2 years in jail. And a fourth offender of marijuana possession can be sanctioned by about 8 years in prison. The defense lawyers we have in Louisiana are aware of all these tips that govern marijuana defenses and laws. We are always ready to defend our clients and know just how to do it in any drug case.

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