Criminal Mischief Lawyer in New Orleans

What Is Criminal Mischief?

Criminal mischief simply refers to any act involving damaging, destruction, alteration, and defacing a person’s property without the person’s consent. As little as it may seem and as easy as it sounds, it is not a light offense, as it is taken by law as a serious offense.

You can be given a criminal mischief charge if you:

  • Recklessly damage the property of another person
  • Participate or involve yourself in the destruction of a building that has been abandoned
  • Intentionally damage or destroy someone’s property, car, house, and so on.

Bear in mind that a criminal mischief is usually an intentional act. For the mere fact that what you did was intentional, then you can actually be charged.

Types of Criminal Mischief

There are several kinds of criminal mischief, each varying between minor and extremely serious or critical cases. Well, here are a few examples of crimes that are classified as criminal mischief:

  • Hacking into a person’s computer without authorization
  • Breaking the window of a house or office
  • Removing paint on a vehicle
  • Introducing any form of virus in a person’s computer
  • Involving yourself in tampering with alarms and emergency exits
  • Tampering with a grave
  • Introducing graffiti and any other markings on a building, vehicle or property that’s not yours.

All these things are only considered as criminal mischief if they were done intentionally.

Penalties for Criminal Mischief

Since each state has its views and laws about criminal mischief, this means that the penalties for defaulters or offenders will differ too. The punishment depends on the level or degree of damage or harm that was done, and how it is classified; as a misdemeanor or as a felony.

The Louisiana State Legislature on Criminal Mischief

If you live in Orleans, you will agree that it is such a peaceful and lovely place to live in, well, until you break the law or trespass. The Louisiana government doesn’t take crime lightly, and this is what the laws say about criminal mischief.

The Louisiana State Legislature acknowledges that criminal mischief is an intentional crime of any of the following:

  • Tampering or damaging the property of another person without their consent
  • Giving off false alarms
  • Driving in of any metal, nail, or tack over one or one and a half inch long into a tree located on another person’s land, without the person’s consent.
  • Throwing anything like a stone or any other missile in any street, avenue, highway, or road
  • Discharging of a firearm.

According to the Louisiana State law, the penalty for anyone charged with criminal mischief is a fine of not more than 500 dollars, or spending not more than six months in the parish jail.

Do I Need A Lawyer for My Criminal Mischief Charge?

Yes, you most definitely will need a lawyer for your criminal mischief charge. Even if you are not sent to jail after trial, you will pay a fine. The money you will use to pay the fine could have been used for something else, probably hire a lawyer who will defend you in court and still have a lot of change left. So, which is preferable for you?

When hiring a lawyer, it is very important that you hire a professional lawyer who will defend you very well in court and get your case dropped or make your charges less. It is good that you hire this lawyer at the beginning of your case, so he or she will know how best to help you.

Criminal Mischief Lawyer in New Orleans

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