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Do you need a bank fraud attorney New Orleans, LA? Barkemeyer Law Firm is the criminal law firm you should contact if you are facing bank fraud charges anywhere in the state of Louisiana.

Please contact us if you are facing bank fraud charges and want the best representation from a reputable and experienced defense attorney.  Barkemeyer Law Firm is here for you and will offer aggressive representation in a variety of practice areas.

A Top Bank Fraud Lawyer In New Orleans Louisiana

If you’re looking for a bank fraud defense attorney in New Orleans, Barekemeyer Law Firm is the firm to call. Bank Fraud is a serious charge that can lead to a lengthy prison sentence. It can be a very fact-intensive case that demands an attorney with experience and skill. 

Barkemeyer Law Firm has defended this criminal charge many times in New Orleans, Louisiana. We’ve won many cases for clients and can win yours too.

Bank Fraud Defense

As a resident of Orleans Parish, Louisiana, living in that area is relatively calm and tranquil. For residents and visitors, living a peaceful and satisfactory life in Orleans Parish is not impossible. Regardless of how perfect life might seem in Orleans Parish, when a person is confronted by a court case as a result of a criminal offense, life seems to lose flavor. For most people, the very first course of action is extreme panicking. For first time offenders, a court summons or the criminal case could be quite disorienting and disheartening. With such a volatile mind-set, increased the tendency of doing something which would serve to further complicate the matter. Hence, it would be way better to contact a reputable law firm without any delay. Contacting a New Orleans law firm immediately a legal case arises is important. This is because several situations which could make your case more complicated could arise at any point.

With a criminal attorney showing you the way, you would not make any mistake that could jeopardize your case. Contacting a lawyer earlier rather than later is not a guarantee of winning the court case. But it ensures that you do not ruin your chances due to negligence on your part or due to external pressure.

But as mentioned earlier, it would be more reasonable to simply get in touch with a well-known and adequately qualified criminal lawyer. We at Barkemeyer Law Firm New Orleans branch are extremely willing to assist you when you find yourself in a difficult situation as a result of a court summon or criminal case. We have handled a considerable amount of criminal cases in the Orleans Parish region and hence are quite familiar with the court proceedings related to the various cases. Some charges we have handled over the years include driving while intoxicated (DWI cases), disturbing the peace, robbery, burglary, federal charges, drug charges, forgery, hit and run, bank fraud, resisting an officer, minor in possession of alcohol and a lot more. So regardless of whether it is an arrest or a court summon concerning a criminal case, we have bountiful experience.

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Bank Fraud in Orleans Parish

This is a very severe case with a somewhat severe sentence time. Bank fraud cases are usually intense as large sums of funds are usually involved. Hence, the need for an experienced bank fraud lawyer is all the more important. Legally speaking, anyone that intentionally executes or attempts to execute a scheme or artifice to defraud a financial institution or obtain any of the funds, credits, assets, property or securities owned by or under the control of a financial institution or which is under its custody or control through the use of fraudulent or false pretenses, representations, practices or even promises, is guilty of bank fraud. The penalty is usually a prison time with or without hard labor of not more than ten years or, a fine of one hundred thousand dollars could be given, or both.

Moreover, as part of the repercussion for the offense, the defendant would be required to reimburse in full the institution or any other party that suffered a financial loss as a result of the fraudulent activities. If full payment is currently impossible, the court would set up an arrangement for payment in installments after considering the financial capabilities of the person.

Barkemeyer Law Firm – Bank Fraud Lawyer Orleans Parish

We are aware that at the end of the day, the ruling of a case rests in the hands of the court, we at Barkemeyer Law Firm can make a guarantee. We cannot guarantee a flawless victory whereby the charges against you would be dropped. But we can guarantee that our bank fraud lawyers will keep on putting in as much effort as possible to get the very best option available to our client. The bank fraud lawyers in Orleans Parish that represent our firm are relentless. It is a method we have tested and perfected over the years. With thousands of cases to use as a whetstone, we have perfected our system of legal defense and offense.

For the aggressive and usually effective defensive method we usually employ, our team of lawyers has earned a respectable reputation. Our rate of successes in handling various criminal cases is a solid prove of our ability. Our legal CV at Barkemeyer Law Firm is one that a lot of other law firms envy and respect at the same time.

We adopt a system of open communication between us and our clients. During the entire court case, we make it a priority to keep our clients involved in the entire proceedings. The clients would be able to enjoy a free communication channel and at all times would be aware of all the options available to them. This system of open communication is also quite handy when it comes to educating our clients. We orient them about their constitutional rights and the legal laws and regulations that would be vital to their case. Doing this would ensure that they are not caught off guard by any part of the court case including when questions are thrown their way.

Not to mention the effort put into contacting the necessary parties such as the detective in charge of the case. This is to ensure that right from the investigation phase of the criminal case, we are well equipped with all the facts needed to get the best possible outcome for our clients. Also, in some cases, it is very much within the realm of possibilities to work out a more suitable deal for our clients with the office of the defense attorney involved in the case. A complete exoneration is not impossible if the facts and certain conditions are in favor of the defendant.

Bank Fraud Defined – La RS 14:71.1

Whoever knowingly executes, or attempts to execute, a scheme or artifice to do any of the following shall be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than ten years, or may be fined not more than one hundred thousand dollars, or both:

(1) To defraud a financial institution.

(2) To obtain any of the monies, funds, credits, assets, securities, or other property owned by or under the custody or control of a financial institution by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, practices, transactions, representations, or promises.

In addition to the penalties provided in Subsection A of this Section, a person convicted under the provisions of this Section shall be ordered to make full restitution to the victim and any other person who has suffered a financial loss as a result of the offense.  If a person ordered to make restitution pursuant to this Section is found to be indigent and therefore unable to make restitution in full at the time of conviction, the court shall order a periodic payment plan consistent with the person’s financial ability.

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