Lawyer for Warrants and Attachments in New Orleans

The most common types of warrants in Orleans Parish are arrest warrants, bench, and search warrants.  There is a big difference between the two. If you need an attorney to help you with your warrant, try to first determine the type of warrant and any information you can.

Arrest Warrant in Orleans

An arrest warrant is a warrant obtained by a police officer that authorizes him to arrest an individual.  To get. The arrest warrant, the officer must draft an affidavit of probable cause in which he swears the information is correct. He will present the affidavit of probable cause to the judge who will then issue an arrest warrant and/or search warrant.  Once the officer has the arrest warrant, he may go looking for the individual and make an arrest.

If you know there is an active arrest warrant for you, you can hire an attorney that may be able to communicate with the officer to resolve the issue. However, most officers do not budge once the arrest warrant is obtained. Usually, the only way to make the arrest warrant go away is to turn yourself if.  Contact our New Orleans warrant recall lawyers if you are faced with turning yourself in. We can help you prepare.

Bench Warrant in New Orleans

Bench warrants are issued by a judge in open court as a result of the defendant’s failure to appear.  If you missed a court date, the judge most likely issued a bench warrant for you arrest. You should contact the court to determine if a bench warrant in fact exists. If it does, contact us so we can help you get the bench warrant recalled. It is up to the judge if he wants to recall the bench warrant. He will look at all the surrounding circumstances to determine if he wants to allow you a second chance at coming to court. 

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Warrant Recall Lawyer in New Orleans

As highly experienced criminal defense attorneys, we know how to present your failure to appear case to the judge to get the bench warrant recall. Contact our New Orleans criminal defense attorneys if you have a bench warrant for failure to appear in New Orleans, Jefferson, or anywhere else in Louisiana.

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