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False personation is the crime of pretending to be another person, or assuming the identity of another person for self-benefits or to cause harm to the other person. A person is guilty of false personation if they intentionally misrepresent their actual name, address, date of birth to a peace officer.

In simpler terms, false impersonation means lying or pretending to be another person whether to commit a crime, obtain a benefit, or as false information to a peace officer. Also, a person who takes up the name and information of another person upon arrest either to evade proper investigations or court process is charged with false personation.

What Is The Law Ruling On False Personation In Gretna, Kenner, and Metairie?

According to the La RS 14:112.1 governing Jefferson Parish and its cities, false personation is;

  1. Impersonating a public officer (e.g. a peace officer) or an individual or assuming without authority a badge or uniform by which the officer is lawfully distinguished. I.e. You commit a criminal offense if you assume the badge or uniform of a peace officer or a firefighter with the intent to defraud or secure special privileges.
  2. Also, if you perform an official act in an assumed character with the intent to defraud, injure, or secure special privileges, you have committed a crime of false personation.

What Specific Act Can Be Considered As False Personation?

People tend to false personate another person to carry out various acts, but mostly to defraud or obtain special privileges they don’t deserve. False personation can put the person impersonated in trouble. They include but not limited to the following;

  1. Out of many instances, it is common to find someone lie about their name to a police officer when pulled over. Mike was pulled over, the police asked for his name and other information, but he lied and called himself Bob to evade the consequence of his action.
  2. Jayden snuck away with an officer’s badge or uniform and goes around the neighborhood pretending to be a police officer. 
  3. Identifying as another person to avoid an expense or unlawfully gain a benefit.
  4. Performing an act that if done by the individual impersonated would subject them to financial and legal liabilities.
  5. Performing an act with the intent to defraud or injure another person.
  6. Pretending to be another person in order to cash the person’s paycheck.
  7. You are pulled over, but you give the police your brother’s information because you have access to it.

It is worthy of note that false personation does not require altering the voice, wearing a disguise, or changing appearance. It just involves passing oneself off and someone else. Also, it is false personation only when it’s a real person, not a fictitious character. A person can impersonate his brother. A brother is a real person, and the crime may take effect on his brother’s reputation and driving record. Impersonating a fictitious character is an entirely different crime.

What Possible Penalties Will I Suffer If I Commit A Crime Of False Personation?

Whoever commits a crime of false personation will have certain consequences to face.

  1. If you commit a crime of false personation, you shall be imprisoned for not more than 90 days, fined not more than $100, or both.
  2. If you impersonated a public officer; a peace officer or firefighter, you shall be imprisoned for not more than 2 years with or without hard labor, fined an amount not more than $1,000, or both.

What Other Consequences will I face if I am convicted of False Personation?

Aside from having to serve a jail term and pay a fine, you may be faced with other civil consequences, which may cause difficulty in some aspects of life.

  1. Difficulty passing a background check. A conviction shows on your record, so anytime a background check is conducted on you, your criminal record comes up. A false personation conviction leaves a mark on your record and it will come up every time unless you have it expunged.
  2. b.     Difficulty maintaining or finding employment. You may lose your job if you get a conviction. Also, securing employment after that may be a lot difficult because employers run a background check to see your criminal history.
  3.  People with a criminal history are at a disadvantage when it comes to serving loans and certain licenses. It may be difficult to secure a loan from a bank or other lender.
  4. You will have a lot of people question your character and trustworthiness. A lot of people may not care if your offense was a misdemeanor or a felony, but automatically question your character once they know you have been convicted.

What Should I Do If Charged With False Personation in Jefferson Parish

If you are charged with false personation in Jefferson Parish, you should take immediate action about getting legal assistance. It is dangerous, therefore, not advisable to neglect legal help when facing a false personation charge. Hire a skilled lawyer that will strategize and plan a defense to suit your case. Your lawyer will stand as a negotiator between you and the prosecutor. You can trust a skilled lawyer to get you the best deal on your case. So, what you should do if charged with false personation is to reach out to a defense lawyer and provide him with the details of the incident.

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