Drug Charge Lawyer in Gretna, Metairie, & Kenner

Several drugs that have posed as being harmful to the body system are being banned both by the federal and state government. This is because continuous consumption of these drugs might indeed cause more harm than good because a lot of the people who consume it are yet to be aware of the certain consequences that come with them. Prosecutors and judges in Louisiana are extremely harsh on these drug charges. Examples of such drugs that are banned include: Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine amongst other kinds of illicit drugs are seriously prohibited in Gretna and some other areas of Louisiana.

What are the Drug Charge Laws in Gretna?

Having known that certain drugs are strictly prohibited in Gretna, the next question that will probably come up in your mind is; what laws are made to curtail the consumption of drugs in Gretna? Well, here they are:

1.  Desist from any form of manufacturing of production of any kind of drug.

2. Do not be caught cultivating harmful drugs that are prohibited e.g. marijuana

3. Avoid giving out drugs in hope of exchange for money or any form of value. It’s strictly not allowed in Gretna.

4. Don’t involve yourself in trafficking or distribution of drugs. Failure to stick to this rule will get you several years in prison

What Happens To Me if Arrested for Drug Charges in Gretna?

Drug crimes are taken seriously in Louisiana, so any form of defaulting the rules will get you penalties which are often severe and stuff. Penalties such as:

1. You could be sentenced to prison with additional hard labor.

2. Also, an offender of the law might be asked to pay a huge fine.

3. Other times, you will be sentenced to long years of imprisonment with hard labor, and still asked to pay a fine.

4. There are cases where the prosecutor pleads to make a plea bargain with the prosecuted if the drug crimes are of lower levels so that they can make an exchange with bigger drug-related crimes.

5.  When you are caught in possession of marijuana weighing about 60 to 2,000 pounds, you will be prosecuted for felony and this might attract you 5 to 30 years in confinement. Also, if the marijuana found in your possession is weighing 2,000 to 10,000 pounds, you can be sentenced to confinement which usually ranges from 10 to 40 years. Finally, if the marijuana you are found with is weighing 10,000 pounds, you will be sentenced to 25 or 40 years of imprisonment.

6. Again, if you are selling cocaine and you get caught in the act, you will be charged with a prison sentence that won’t be lower than 5 years and not usually above 30 years. You are also going to be a hard labor task alongside the imprisonment and you will pay a fine of $50,000. But, if you sold cocaine to someone below the recommended age, you will be given life imprisonment, especially if you are above 25 years. Again, if you are younger than 25 years by 3 years, your charge will attract a double penalty.

6. If you are found distributing or manufacturing a drug such as cocaine, you will get a prison sentence that isn’t lower than 40 years, and not above 99 years. Also, it’s going to be given with hard labor and the fact that you aren’t allowed to get a prison suspension. In most cases, you will be made to pay a huge fine of $ 500, 000.

What are the Things That Makes Me Liable To The Punishment That Comes With Drug Charges in Gretna?

1.  If anyone is found illegally growing or trying to manufacture the illicit drugs that include marijuana and it likes, in Gretna and its environs, it’s considered a huge crime and the person will get charged.

2. If you are found involved in any form of importation of drugs or even trying to transport them to anywhere in a bid to make money or sales, you shall be charged because the government frowns greatly at this.

3. If anyone is found harboring or keeping illegal drugs that include heroin, marijuana, or LSD, regardless of what they kept it for, they shall get arrested in due course.

4. Medical Marijuana, despite its use in curing diseases and illnesses, should be reserved only for the medical professionals to handle, because it’s one of the prohibited drugs in Louisiana.

What To Do If Charged For Drugs?

When it comes to drug-related charges, prosecutors often leave no stone unturned as they always ensure that the defaulter is faced with the severe sentences, huge fines, very hard labors, and the irredeemable dent of image and reputation that goes with drugs. So, what do you do? You have to employ a stellar drug charge lawyer in Gretna who is skilled and experienced in defending drug-related charges, as well as criminal defense crimes.