Guide to Illegal Use of Weapons in Covington, Louisiana

Have you recently been charged with Illegal Use of Weapons and believe you should be vindicated? Do you want to know what awaits you in court and just who can get you out of it? Well, this article will clear your doubts and set you up in the right direction.

Criminal offenses, especially ones like Illegal Use of Weapons, can have you in jail for years or pay huge sums that could wreck your finances both momentarily and in the long run. Knowing just what to do and who to run to when you’re faced with these charges would most definitely set you in the right path. Here’s what you need to know about the Illegal Use of Weapons and who can get you home free.

What is Illegal Use of Weapons (2020 Louisiana Laws RS 14:94)?

Louisiana law defined Illegal Use of Weapons as using knowledge to use weapons negligently like firearms which could result in the death or would cause serious bodily harm to someone else. These weapons or firearms could include guns, knives, acidic liquid, and associated weapons. Using weapons without a license to commit violence in public places like the railways or the public roads constitute the crime of making use of illegal weapons. And if arrested by an officer of the law, you would suffer horrible penalties.

Illegal use of weapons and firearms defense lawyer in Covington, Louisiana.

What are the penalties of Illegal Use of Weapons?

As you know already, the penalties are quite serious. If you cannot get yourself free, you may have to live important years of your life behind bars and with or, rarely, without labor.

That isn’t all, you would also be charged with an amount large enough to see you through years of discomfort without working. Below are some of the penalties that you could face if you’re not well defended;

  • If caught for committing Illegal Use of Weapons crime, you would be fined an amount that wouldn’t be up to a thousand dollars or you would be sent to prison without or with hard labor for a time that wouldn’t be more than two years. You could suffer both penalties as agreed by the Louisiana court of law.
  • If you are convicted for a second time, you would be sent to prison suffering hard labor for at least five years to seven years. There would be no benefit of parole, probation, or hope your sentence would be suspended.
  • If you are caught and convicted a second and subsequent time, it wouldn’t be counted if five years have passed since your maximum sentence was carried out. Thus, leaving your sentence like that of a first conviction.
  • If you commit the crime of Illegal Use of Weapons and you made use of a firearm close to a vehicle in public and you had an intention to harm or make someone scared and you get convicted, you would be imprisoned and you must suffer hard labor from either five years to ten years without benefit of probation or suspension of your sentence.
  • Whoever is convicted of committing a crime of Illegal Use of Weapons where they wanted to commit or conspired to commit or coerced and intimidated someone else to commit the violent crime with the firearm shall be imprisoned suffering hard labor from ten years to twenty years without benefit of parole suspension or probation.
  • If the firearm that was used to commit the crime was a muffler or a silencer and the offender is convicted, they would suffer from twenty years to thirty years imprisonment without benefit of parole and the sentence won’t be suspended.
  • Of convicted for the second time or subsequent time, they would suffer imprisonment at least twenty years.
  • If the firearm equipped was a muffler or silencer for the second or subsequent conviction, then you would be sentenced to life imprisonment without probation, benefit, or parole and your sentence won’t be suspended.

It is difficult to unhook yourself from a criminal charge as hefty making use of Weapons to cause harm or injury or even killing an individual in the process and for this reason, you would need to contact a strong and highly experienced attorney that will get you home free. We are criminal defense attorneys that you should run to when you need help getting cleared.

illegal use of weapon lawyer in covington, louisiana
Illegal Use of Firearm in Louisiana requires great legal defense.

What are your defenses to Illegal Use of a Weapon?

You would need an Illegal Use of Weapons attorney familiar with cases in Covington, Louisiana. However, here are some of the defenses that you can claim:

  • That the act wasn’t done to cause bodily harm or get someone killed. No one was supposed to die: a good attorney would see to it that your stance is clearly stated and your charges cleared.
  • That the occurrence was a mistake
  • That you were authorized by the owner of the weapon to use it.
  • That you’re acting within your legal rights to possess the firearm.
  • That the defendant is, or was, mentally ill at the time.

Covington Illegal Use Of Weapons Lawyer

As seen above, the penalties of Illegal Use of Weapons are grave and unbearable. The worst thing that can happen is suffering all these penalties when you didn’t even commit the crime.

A proficient attorney with a successful track record is hard to find, especially one that is well-grounded in the Louisiana laws. Barkemeyer Law Firm has the best illegal use of weapons lawyers in Covington, Louisiana. We are the best you will find and you don’t even have to search too far. Our criminal attorneys will help you fight the charges by properly paying proper attention to detail. We will listen to you with care and diligence and go with you every step of the way until you’re home free.

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