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Are you being charged for aggravated assault and want to stay out of jail? Do you feel like your actions were misjudged to be aggravated assault when actually it wasn’t your intention? Did you make a mistake committing an aggravated assault and need someone to help keep you from prison? Do you want to know exactly what aggravated assault means and who can help you get rid of the case? Well, you’re just in the right place to get that information.

Aggravated assault isn’t an offense that any judge in any court in St. Tammany Parish would take lightly. In fact, is one of the offenses that could possibly lead to death if the act continues, hence the reason no court of law would want to throw it around like an unserious matter. In this article, we will be looking at exactly what aggravated assault is, what to do when you’re charged for the crime, and just the right person to contact if you really want to get home and acquitted.



What is aggravated assault under Louisiana RS 14:37?

In order to be able to explain just what aggravated assault is, it would be of paramount importance to first of all know exactly what an assault is. Since aggravated assault simply means an assault that has been taken some steps further, the first question should be “What is assault?”

Simply put, an assault is a criminal offense that involves inflicting physical harm by one person on another. Sometimes, the accused may not have caused any physical harm but merely making unwanted physical contact can be deemed an assault. An assault could also be a mere threat or an attempt to physically hurt somebody or make unwanted physical contact. As you see, you don’t even need to get the person hospitalized first. Something as simple as your intention could get you in court if charges are pressed.

Aggravated assault, as earlier mentioned, is an assault that has been taken some steps further. It simply involves assault that is carried out using a weapon, lethal or non-lethal.

This crime can cause you a lot of damage if you’re convicted and sentenced. Examples of the punishment that awaits you would be explained later. For now, focus on getting an experienced attorney who is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Louisiana laws. Barkemeyer Law Firm are criminal attorneys who have been tested and trusted to get you home free. All you need to do is reach out. More information would be provided later in this article.


What are the penalties of aggravated assault?

Aggravated assault may not look like a terrible crime to you, especially when it didn’t involve getting anybody hurt. However, as earlier mentioned, the mere intention, attempt, and/or threat could land you in prison and make you pay fines that could wreck your finances. You shouldn’t let it reach that point before you contact an attorney. Here are the penalties involved:

If you have been indicted and found guilty of committing aggravated assault, you could be imprisoned for a period not less than six (6) months.

In order to avoid going to jail, you could be fined the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or, but hardly, less.

Sometimes, depending on the gravity of the assault, the judge could make you face both punishments. That is, you could go to jail and still have to pay the fine.

If the offense was carried out while the offender is trying to rob a store, it is considered to be two crimes, robbery, and assault. The offender would definitely be sentenced to 6 months in prison without any chance or benefit of sentence suspension. The offender could also be made to pay a sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000).

Knowing exactly what assault and aggravated assault are, you should already also know that this crime depends almost completely on your intentions. If you do not find yourself an attorney who can strongly back you in court with a complete understanding of your situation, you could stand the risk of losing 6 important months of your life as well as a whopping sum of $1,000 dollars that you didn’t plan for. With Barkemeyer Law Firm as your criminal defense attorneys, you can rest assured that you and your case are in the safest hands in Louisiana.


What are your defenses when you’re charged with aggravated assault?

An experienced attorney would know exactly what angle to defend you from, would know how to present your case before the presiding judge in order to be able to get you pardoned. These are some of the possible defenses that you can claim in court.

That the intention was misunderstood by the plaintiff: as has been mentioned, the plaintiff may have regarded your actions to be geared towards assault when actually it wasn’t your intention. If this is properly expressed before the court, you could be one step closer to being discharged.

That you took the action in self-defense: surely no court would hold it against you if you merely tried to defend yourself against a person who is trying to assault you. Self-defense would get you free only if you do not use a deadly weapon against the other person when they merely attacked you with their hands or a small stick.

Your lawyer could refute the evidence if the weapon was not found in your possession.

These defenses may look easy to present but going against a prosecutor who is strong and bent on seeing the offender punished for the crime could make it extra difficult. Our assault defense lawyers will see you through every step of the way, listening carefully and diligently to all that you have to say.


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