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West Feliciana DWI Attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm.

Driving while intoxicated is a crime in West Feliciana Parish. It involves a person driving a motor car, truck, motorbike or any other vehicle on the road while under the influence of alcohol, drug or any other mind-altering substance. The state of Louisiana criminalizes DWI, whether or not the drug was taken with a prescription. If the driver’s alcohol blood level is over 15, then he would have to face the penalties from the state.

Being charged for driving under influence will mean being stripped of your driver’s license, payment of fines or imprisonment. In addition to these penalties, the offender may engage in community service or be placed under close monitoring.

Being in West Feliciana parish, you will want to avoid jail term or any other form of criminal penalty, because on the negative impact it will have on your record. Serving jail term and paying fines will create a lasting impression on you as a previously convicted person. Ex-convicts in West Feliciana, find it difficult, and near impossible to apply or get a job.

If it happens, however, that you were unable to avoid the inevitable, and got charged with DWI, you will surely need attorneys to defend your suit in court. Getting professional counsel and representation from finely trained attorneys will be your first step in ensuring that you do not get a jail term or lose your driver’s license. Waste no more time and jump on this opportunity of having the best West Feliciana DWI lawyers defend you.

St. Francisville DWI Attorneys at your Disposal

Getting caught in a DWI arrest can come with dire legal and financial consequences, which the offender may find very difficult to cope with. The only way out of a DWI mess, or any other criminal situation, is first seeking professional help. The help needed in this situation is that of highly trained attorneys, who can aid your avoiding legal consequences. With an array of finely trained lawyers at Barkemeyer Law Firm, you have access to a variety of attorneys, trained to handle DWI cases. If you are intoxicated, drunk, or overdosed on drugs, while driving, you can rely on our St. Francisville DUI lawyers to handle your case and defend you. We defend clients in St. Francisville and we serve the whole of West Feliciana parish, with our legal counsel and representation services.

Why do you need St. Francisville DWI Attorneys?

The tag of being an ex-convict comes with a stigma. A stigma that cannot be erased or forgotten, as it will forever be on record that you had been convicted of a crime by the state. It is more profitable to prevent the preventable. Seeking help from professional legal practitioners like us as at Barkemeyer Law Firm may overturn your ugly situation. We have trained DWI attorneys whose area of practice is the handling cases of DWI offenders. You can save yourself the shame of going to jail for an offence such as driving within influence. Our West Feliciana DWI lawyers are in business to protect you and your family with our top-notch defense attorneys, who have several years of experience in defending DWI arrestees.

No matter how short your jail term will be, being charged and convicted of Driving while intoxicated is something that has to be avoided by you. Being charged with DWI does not always result in a conviction. It just depends on the experience of your defense attorneys to bring you out of your mess. You can rely on Barkemeyer Law Firm to try to save your reputation from being ruined forever. Information regarding your DWI.

In order to protect your reputation and retain your good name, practical steps have to be taken to ensure that your reputation will be protected. One those is hiring professional DWI attorney with years of experience garnered from expertly handling DWI cases. Barkemeyer Law Firm has a reputation of winning cases for its clients who have driven while intoxicated and were charged for it in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

Penalties of DWI in West Feliciana Parish

The offense of driving while intoxicated is a serious one in West Feliciana and Louisiana in general, and they come with dire circumstances.

You could have your driver’s license retrieved and automatically suspended. This will deprive of driving your car to your workplace, mall, or any even your children’s school.

Other penalties applicable to the DWI charge, includes payment of extra fines, being closely monitored at home, engaging in community service, paying reinstatement fees for your driver’s license, and in extreme circumstance, imprisonment. When the conviction for DWI has been established against the offender and any of these penalties applied on him, the criminal record will forever be accessible by employers, and any other person required to see it, in every database. This can crumble your reputation in the society.

Enlisting the professional advice and services of premium DWI attorneys like Barkemeyer Law Firm, will to a very large extent, work towards your victory in a DWI case as a defendant. Our attorneys are highly experienced with the science and techniques of the courtroom, to reduce the negative effects of our action, while we expertly prove your innocence. If you’re charged with Driving while intoxicated in West Feliciana parish, contact Mr Barkemeyer in order to enjoy the top-notch high-end legal services of Barkemeyer Law Firm.

DWI Lawyers in West Feliciana

There are other law firms in West Feliciana, and even more in entire Louisiana. You might, therefore, think that you have a variety of law firms to choose from when choosing attorneys for your DWI case. However, there are only a handful of law firms focused in representing people accused of DWI. Irrespective of whether you are a first or repeated offender of DWI, we have the best team of criminal defense lawyers to ensure that our clients do not go to jail.

We have a lot of DWI experience and we will work towards the acquittal of our clients. We defend clients in West Feliciana and in St. Francisville. Contact us today if you have been arrested for DUI.