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If you happen to have had a DWI case (driving while intoxicated), then you would know that it is most of the time mentally and physically tiring to cope with. The fear of being jailed may take a toll on. In Monroe Louisiana, the punishment meted out to DWI defendants as stated by the state is one that could lead to jail time that may leave you and your loved ones worried. Jail time does not just affect you, it also takes a toll on your loved ones who depend on you. It also creates a gap between you and your loved one. Irrespective of the time you spend behind bars, your career may be greatly affected. Your chances of landing that amazing job could be buried. This is one of the main reasons why you need to quickly take care of your DWI case as soon as you are arrested.

Aside from the fact that you could end up spending time behind bars, your license would be temporarily suspended by the relevant authorities. Also, you could be made to pay a fine which most times is expensive. To ensure that you do not have to go through any of these, you’ll need to have legal backing. Residents in Monroe, Louisiana will find it interesting to know that one of the leading law firms that specialize in all DWI cases has extended its services to the Parish. This means that they can quickly get a Monroe DWI defense attorney to help them as they seek not to serve jail time. Barkemeyer is currently the leading law firm that has been established to offer clients in Louisiana an opportunity to seek a court hearing. At Barkemeyer, we have a team of well-trained and experienced Monroe DWI attorneys that are extremely capable of handling all DWI cases, thus, ensuring that you do not have to spend time behind bars.

Trained Monroe DWI Attorneys Willing to Offer Assistance

We understand the fact that the situation of our clients differs and that is why we have devised a means to help them out. Our team of DWI defense attorneys are professionals, meaning that they would not judge you as you discuss your situation. After listening to the ordeal of each of our client, our attorneys set out to ensure that the suspension placed on their license is lifted. This would ensure that they are able to move around. With the help of special techniques and tactics, our team of experienced DWI attorneys would aggressively present valid points that would prove your innocence. One of the most amazing things about this establishment is that Mr. Barkemeyer is highly-experienced in DWI and DUI cases in the state. He has gained a reputation for himself as one of the leading attorneys when it comes to handling DWI cases.

Penalties for DWI in Monroe, Louisiana

Irrespective of whether this is your first time or not, there are certain consequences that have been stipulated by the state. You have to remember that these consequences can be reduced to the barest minimum if you have an aggressive and experienced and the best Monroe DWI attorney by your side. Some of the basic penalties that could be doled out to defaulters include but are definitely not limited to these:

You may be asked to pay hefty fines. Most of the times, these fines could range from $300 to over $1000. The amount you will be asked to pay would depend on how severe your case is. You would be asked to pay for license reinstatement fees which could also be high depending on certain factors. This means that you could end up paying more than the amount mentioned or less depending on certain constant factors.

You could end up serving jail time. For a DWI case, the minimum jail time you could serve is 24 hours while the maximum is thirty years. Those in the Ouachita Parish should bear in mind that irrespective of the time spent behind bars, their reputation and brands may be ruined within that short period of time.

You could have your driver’s license suspended for over two years. You may be asked to serve mandatory community service for about 40 hours or more. For each DWI case you are involved in, it would be recorded on the Federal database.  

Other penalties or punishments that could be meted out;

It is important that you remember that DWI is an enhanced offense which basically means that the punishment meted out to you would increase with every offense or law you default. Some of the other punishments you may end up serving would include:

Having to install an ignition interlock in your car which you would have to pay for. You could be asked to visit a substance abuse program before you are allowed to drive. This would ensure that you are in the perfect shape and mental frame before getting back on the road.

A MADD victim program at your expense may be advised.

Your DWI Law Firm in Ouachita Parish, Monroe Louisiana

If you cannot to afford to suffer these punishments, then the most important step you would have to take would be to hire the services of a Ouachita DWI defense attorney. Things could get worse if you happen to be a repeat offender. You could end up serving jail time for about 30 years or more, so to ensure that you do not get to suffer this, you can quickly contact us through any of the communication channels that have been made available.

With vast experience in the industry, Barkemeyer Law Firm is the perfect choice for you. Our attorneys have been trained with a winning mentality and would do everything within their power to ensure that you do not get to spend even a second behind bars. Also, most of the punishments that have been meted out to you could be reduced by our team of experienced Ouachita DWI attorneys.


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