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If you happen to be convicted for driving while intoxicated in Lafayette Parish, then you would have to face these; you could be asked to spend a short period of time in jail, you may be under intense monitoring or you may be asked to do community service. Aside from these mentioned, you could end up losing your driver’s license and end up putting your job at risk. Unknown to most people, the first case of DWI could pose a threat to your survival. You may end up losing your job or not being given that promotion you’ve worked your life for. The seriousness of driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases is why you need the help of experienced and well-trained attorneys that are capable of tipping the odds in your favor to ensure that you do not end up spending time in jail.

If you happen to get caught in a DWI case, the legal obligations, consequences, as well as the monetary parts, will definitely be challenging to you. If care is not taken, you could end up paying a huge amount of money for fines. This could leave you penniless and unable to cater to the needs of your loved ones. One of the very first things you would have to do would be to hire the service of a knowledgeable and well-trained DWI attorney that is capable of handling the case for you.

Those in the Lafayette Parish would find it interesting to know that Barkemeyer Law Firm has been established to help them out with all their DWI cases. Our Louisiana DWI lawyer is one of the few DWI focused lawyers when it comes to the handling of DWI cases. When it comes to DWI cases, one thing you have to remember is that it could greatly affect your livelihood. Also, the reputation you have tried to gain and maintain would be thrown in the mud if you do not act fast to have this situation overturned in your favor. You and your loved ones deserve protection and that is why Barkemeyer Law Firm has been established.

One of the worse things that can happen to anyone would be to spend time in jail. Irrespective of how short the time is, it will definitely stain your perfect track record. It will definitely bury any chance of you getting that promotion or that job you’ve always wanted. The severity of a DWI case is why you need to take decisive steps to ensure that your name and that of your loved ones are protected. You need to hire the services of a professional and experienced DWI defense attorney that would stand behind you. Our Lafayette DWI lawyers pride ourselves as being one of the primarily DWI law firms in Louisiana when it comes to handling DWI cases.

DWI Penalties in Lafayette Parish

Even if this is your first time as a DWI offender, there are stated penalties that could be meted out to you. These penalties include;

    You may be asked to pay hefty fines. Most of the times, these fines could range from $300 to over $1000.

    You could end up serving jail time. For a DWI case, the minimum jail time you could serve is 24 hours while the maximum is six months. Bear in mind that irrespective of how short the duration is, it would definitely take a toll on your personal life.

    You could have your driver’s license suspended for over two years. This basically means that you would not be able to drive your car for two years.

    You may be asked to serve mandatory community service for about 40 hours or more. The number of hours to be served will depend on certain factors.

    You could be asked to pay for license reinstatement fees.

It is important that you remember that DWI is an enhanced offense which basically means that the punishment meted out to you would increase with every offense or law you default. Some of the other punishments you may end up serving would include; installing an ignition interlock in your car which you would have to pay for, you could be asked to visit a substance abuse program, or even a MADD victim program. If you cannot to afford to suffer these punishments, then the most important step you would have to take would be to hire the services of a DWI defense attorney. Things could get worse if you happen to be a repeat offender. You could end up serving jail time for about 30 years or more.

Get the Focused DWI Law Firm in Lafayette Louisiana

With these penalties all set out to make things worse for you, the only thing to do would be to hire the services of an experienced and well-trained DWI attorney that would make use of a higher level of science and technique to ensure that your crime is mitigated while they would try to prove your innocence. You do not have to look any further, Barkemeyer Law Firm is exactly what you need. If you are charged with any DWI offense in the whole of Lafayette Parish, then you need to contact the best DWI lawyers in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Irrespective of whether this is your first DWI offense or you have had a couple of them, ensuring that you have an experienced and skilled defense attorney with courtroom techniques will ensure that you stay out of jail. You simply have to contact us and we would immediately take up your case, ensuring that the suspension placed on your license is lifted and that you do not have to serve jail time. Our team of skilled Lafayette DWI attorneys would do everything within their power to get you acquitted.

With a considerable number of years in handling DWI cases, our Lafayette DWI lawyer stands out from the crowd. You will find it interesting to know that the attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm would never judge you. Irrespective of how many times you may have faulted the law, the team of DWI attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm will stop at nothing to ensure that the best outcome is achieved.


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