DWI Attorneys in Ascension Parish, Louisiana

It is not secret anymore what will happen to you if you get a DUI conviction. It is common knowledge that your license will be taken from you, at least, temporarily. Fines could get imposed on you. It may be deemed that you perform a certain level of community service, put up with being monitored at your house, and even get to be jailed.

In the event that you get sent to jail in ascension parish, it will prove to be one of your biggest obstacles, especially, when applying for work. Spending time in jail can lead to the loss of your already existing job. These consequences that apply to a DWI charge will eventually stain your reputation and put your livelihood at risk of coming to a halt.

Once the police officers in Gonzales or anywhere in ascension parish get to charge you with driving while intoxicated offense, you have to act wisely and swiftly in order to salvage not just your job but your livelihood. Getting yourself protected by contacting the experts in DWI cases to help you is the best step. You need the assistance of a highly rated criminal defense law firm that has proven years of getting people out of trouble who got arrested for driving under the influence.

Remember that getting arrested by the officers for a DWI is not necessarily proof that you are guilty. Also, the strict and harsh punishments which are passed by the court on your case may not be what you truly deserve. In the state of Louisiana, people that seem to get a DWI conviction always get to suffer very harsh punishments.

Experience and commitment are important for DWI Defense in Ascension Parish

Barkemeyer Law Firm is located in Ascension Parish and is arguably the best DWI law firm in all of Louisiana. With over 14 years’ worth of experience in DWI defense, Mr. Barkemeyer has been able to successfully take up the cases of lots of clients that have gotten involved in several cases of DWI in Gonzales and entire Louisiana. when it comes to the legal, as well as, technical defenses which are related to the arrest and prosecution of driving while intoxicated cases, our DWI attorney is extensively knowledgeable in all of them and is skilled in the processes that have to do with fighting DWI cases in order to achieve outstanding results for his clients.

Barkemeyer Law Firm, the attorneys understand that each individual DWI case has its distinctions. Yes, no two cases are the same since differences exist in all individuals. The facts which are related to getting stopped, getting tested on the field, going through the breathalyzer, as well as, other chemical tests including vital information all differ in each case. We, also realize the fact that a DWI will have a negative effect on the lives and work of our clients. All of these are thoroughly considered and helps us to stand in defense of our clients. Clients are engaged in thorough conversations that help us to really ascertain all the important information related to the situation. All of this is done to help our clients since the information that we get helps us to come up with a potent defense strategy which is the most effective for our DWI clients in ascension parish.

DWI Penalties in Ascension Parish

In Gonzales and the entire ascension parish, the penalties that you could get to face for driving while intoxicated is influenced by a lot of factors related to the offender. Basically, some of the penalties that accrue to a DWI charge are as follows –

    Your driving privileges in the state of Louisiana will be suspended

    Your driver’s license will get suspended

    You will need to acquire the hardship license for yourself

    The court could hit you with fines and other costs

    There is a likelihood of probation with supervision or without supervision

    You can get to do community service

    You will get evaluated for the abuse of any substances

    The blow and go will be installed

    If any persons or properties suffered damages or injuries in the process, you will have to pay for damages.

    The possibility of serving time in jail which could range from just a couple of weeks to many years.

The consequences that come with facing a DWI charge in ascension parish are really grievous and you really do not want to have all of these come down on you by the court judgment. You must take practical quick steps to ensure that you get the professional help of a Louisiana DWI lawyer in Gonzales that will fight your case and get you a positive outcome.

Gonzales DWI Lawyer

Barkemeyer Law Firm is the first place to run to if you get slapped with a DWI charge. Over the years, we have successfully stood up for hundreds of clients that got arrested and charged for driving under the influence in the state of Louisiana. Of course, you know that the consequences for getting a DWI arrest are really serious and you could lose many things while having a criminal record. Our Gonzales DWI lawyers have extensive knowledge in coming up with the best strategies to fight for you if you get a DUI charge in Gonzales. We serve the entire Ascension Parish and all of Louisiana. So, feel free to reach out to us today and let us hear your own side of the story.

In the event that you got a DWI in Ascension Parish, Mr. Barkemeyer can come to your rescue. Many clients in Gonzales are witnesses to the fact that Mr. Barkemeyer is a top rated Ascension DWI attorney that is skilled in the representation of persons who got arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated in Louisiana. Our record in the courtrooms are unmatched and we want to ensure that your innocence is proven.

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Were you arrested and charged with a DWI? Reach out to our Ascension DWI lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm today as our DUI attorneys are waiting to hear from you. Of course, every story has two sides and we want to engage you in a discussion to understand how best we can defend you. We offer the best rates so you have nothing to worry about. Your reputation matters and we will do everything needed to protect you.