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Experience and Dedication Matters for DWI Defense

We are a DWI law firm located in New Orleans and Covington, Louisiana. Mr. Barkemeyer has focused his practice on DWI defense for over fourteen years. During that time, he has successfully represented hundreds of clients charged with misdemeanor DWI and felony DWI throughout Louisiana.  He knows all the legal and technical defenses to a DWI arrest and prosecution and how to fight the DWI to get the best result for his clients.

Every client’s DWI case is different

We recognize that everyone’s case is different because every individual is different.  The facts of the stop, field sobriety tests, breathalyzer and other chemical tests, and other information are all different from case to case. Also, each of our clients have different personal and work lives that the DWI may affect. We take all this into consideration when determining how to defend our clients. We speak to our clients to learn about the m and their situation. This helps our clients because we can build a DWI defense strategy that works best for each client. We strive to be the best Louisiana DWI lawyer we can be for our clients.

Out-of-State Help for DWI

If you received a DWI or DUI in Louisiana, but live out-of-state or out of the area, Mr. Barkemeyer may be able to help. He has represented many clients for DWI who could not attend court dates due to living far away. Depending on your type of case, he may be able to resolve your case without you having to spend money, time, and effort on travel to handle your charge.  Hiring Barkemeyer Law Firm is easy. You do not need to come all the way to Louisiana to hire our Louisiana DWI lawyers.

We have streamlined the process so hiring us is quick and easy because it is done over the internet and phone.  We accept all major credit cards.

Next Steps After a DWI Arrest in Louisiana

If you’ve just been arrested for DWI in Louisiana, you may have a lot of questions. Here is a general list of your next steps after the DWI:

    IMPORTANT – You only have 30 days from the date of arrest to request an Administrative Hearing to fight the proposed suspension of your driver’s license as a result of refusing a chemical test or blowing over the limit.  We file this hearing request for our clients if they hire us in time.

    Bond Conditions – Be sure to check your DWI arrest paperwork for any conditions the judge may have placed on you as a condition of your bond or release from jail. You may be required to attend A/A meetings, take drug tests, or install the ignition interlock device.  Most importantly, do not get another arrest while on bond or else the judge could revoke your DWI bond and make you go to jail.

    Temporary License – if you blew over the limit or refused the breathalyzer or chemical tests, the police officer may take your driver’s license. However, he should issue a 30-day temporary license. Be sure the keep that license with you if you drive. We may be able to get you an extended temporary license if you hire us within the 30 days after the arrest.

    DWI Arraignment – The first hearing in criminal court is called an Arraignment. This is the day when the judge will ask you if you have an attorney and you will have to enter a plea.  If you plan to hire a DWI lawyer, try to do it before your arraignment date. You can always hire us after the arraignment as well.

    Pretrial Conference for DWI – You and your DWI attorney may attend pretrial conference hearings in court.  Depending on the jurisdiction, you may have a pretrial hearing or trial after the arraignment.

    DWI Trial – If you have been charged with first offense or second offense DWI, you may have a judge trial only since those are misdemeanor charges. If you have been charged with DWI third offense or DWI fourth offense, you may have the option of judge or jury trial since those are felony charges. Your Covington DWI lawyer should be able to give you good advice as to which type of DWI trial you should have for your case.

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Penalties for DWI in Louisiana

Penalties for DWI or DUI in Louisiana depend on many facts and circumstances of the offender. Generally, the penalties of a DWI conviction result in the following:

  •     Suspension of driving privileges in Louisiana
  •     Suspension of Louisiana driver’s license
  •     Having to obtain a hardship license
  •     Fines and court costs
  •     SR-22 car insurance
  •     Probation – supervised or unsupervised
  •     Community service, including litter detail
  •     Defensive driving program
  •     Attend MADD Victim Impact Panel
  •     Attend A/A meetings
  •     Substance abuse evaluation and any treatment if recommended
  •     Installation of the blow-and-go;
  •     Financial restitution to any victims for property damage or personal injuries;
  •     Serve jail time for up to 6 months for misdemeanor DWI or even years for felony DWI

DWI in Louisiana

No matter how old you are, what state you live in, or what you do for a living, a DWI is one of the most inconveniencing charges to have on your record. It seems very normal to have a drink or two at the bar with some friends, feel sober enough to drive, and hop in the car to head home. For some, especially those persons under the legal drinking age, this is grave error.

What’s the difference between a DWI and a DUI?

The only difference is in the colloquial nomenclature. Different states use different acronyms for the charge and they vary across the U.S. For example, Louisiana and Texas use the term DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) to describe driving under the influence of alcohol. DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is also used in these states to describe impaired driving, but usually describes driving when intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Mississippi uses the term DUI, and Arkansas uses both terms.

In either case, you may be arrested and charged with a DWI/DUI if the arresting officer believes you are impaired beyond the point of sound judgement to operate a motor vehicle. Even if your BAC is under the legal limit (0.08 for adults, 0.02 for persons under 21) you may be subject to an arrest if the arresting officer believes you’ve used alcohol in combination with another drug.

Can I refuse a breathalyzer test?

Yes, but you may not like the consequences. According to the Law, consent to a chemical blood test is automatically given upon obtaining physical control of a motor vehicle. Upon refusal of the test to an inquiring officer, you may be liable to have your driver’s license suspended for at least a year with eligibility for license restrictions upon obtaining an ignition interlock device. Each subsequent offense increases the punishment incurred, with jail time possible on the third offense.

 Other chemical tests such as urine tests or blood tests may be required by the police. These are also considered illegal to refuse and will incur similar penalties.

What are the penalties of a DWI?

A DWI in Louisiana always incurs possible jail time, no matter how many offenses have already been committed. The first offense calls for jail time of a minimum of 2 days, and the third offense incurs a minimum jail time of 1 year or a drug diversion obtain program. A DWI conviction will stay on your record for 10 years. The first and second offenses are defined as misdemeanors by the Law; the third offense is a felony. Additional or more strict punishments may be incurred if the crime was committed by a person with a BAC above 0.15, and even more if the BAC of the offender is above 0.2. Punishments are also increased in severity if the crime was committed with a minor under the age of 12 in the vehicle.

In addition to the legal penalties involved in a DWI conviction, social and workplace penalties may haunt you for a long time. Some business will not hire employees with DWI charges on their record. In addition, universities are far less-apt to admit students who have been in trouble with the law, especially in the case of a DWI.

Ignition Interlock Devices (IID’s) are mandated for second and third-time offenders during the probationary period after the conviction. This device requires the user to blow into a breathalyzer before starting their vehicle.

Louisiana DWI Lawyer

We are criminal defense lawyers that have defended hundreds of clients charged with DWI or DUI in Louisiana including misdemeanor DUI and felony DWI.  A DWI arrest and/or conviction has serious consequences for a defendant’s driver’s license and criminal record. Our Louisiana DWI lawyer knows how to develop the best defenses and strategies to help you fight a DWI charge in Covington, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Amite, Slidell, Livingston, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport and everywhere else in Louisiana.  Contact us to see if Barkemeyer Law Firm is the best DWI lawyer in Louisiana for your case.

We Handle DWI Cases Throughout Louisiana

Regardless of where in Louisiana you received your DWI, we may be able to help. We have been in many court rooms throughout the State fighting drug charges. Some of the areas we may be able to you include New Orleans, Covington, Baton Rouge, Livingston, Amite, Jefferson, Gonzales, East and West Feliciana, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Alexandria, Monroe, etc.

Practice Areas

Alcohol Crimes

  •     Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP
  •     Unlawful sales to persons under twenty-one
  •     Purchase and public possession of alcoholic beverage
  •     Open Container
  •     Public Intoxication
  •     Public Drunk
  •     DWI First Offense, Second Offense, Third Offense, Fourth offense
  •     Refusal
  •     Disturbing the peace

Driving Offenses

  •     Hit and Run
  •     Reckless Driving
  •     Careless Operation

DWI and Drunk Driving

  •     Administrative Hearing
  •     DMV Hearing
  •     DUI Arrests
  •     DWI Best Lawyer Defenses
  •     DWI Lawyer Covington
  •     Felony DWI Attorney St. Tammany
  •     Covington DWI Attorney
  • DWI Probation
  •     Felony DWI probation
  •     Misdemeanor DWI probation
  •     Probation hearing for DWI
  •     Probation violation
  •     Probation revocation hearing defense


  •     Arrest warrant
  •     Bench warrants for DWI
  •     Probation warrants for DWI probation
  •     Warrant recall

How do we help you? Here’s how:

First things first, immediately you are arrested, you need to reach out to us. It is very important that you call us at the beginning of your entire criminal case so that we would know exactly what to do. Also, you need to be very honest with us and tell us the exact truth, so we won’t be taken unawares in court. Bear in mind that whatever you discuss with us is solely between us. This means that a third party cannot know of our discussions without your consent. Therefore, you can fully trust us to discuss anything so we know how to pursue your case.

We will guide you all through the processes of your charge while letting you know of any new developments. Well, even if you have gone far in your charge, you can still reach out to us and we will fight hard enough to give you an edge over the court. Our satisfaction comes when our clients are satisfied and our case has been won.

If you are facing a DWI charge in Louisiana, getting an experienced Louisiana DWI lawyer is particularly the best option. The Barkemeyer Law Firm is always ready to help you out. The fact that you have been arrested in Covington is not the end of the road for you. You need to brace up, be mentally prepared for everything that will happen during your case, and then swing into proper action. You swing into proper action by getting a criminal lawyer in Louisiana.

At Barkemeyer Law Firm, we try as much as possible to ensure that you get lesser charges or that your charges will be dropped completely. We work hand in hand with our clients to accomplish our mission at that moment, which is to seek the acquitting of our clients. Our lawyers have all it takes to give you an edge over the court. Persuasion is not a thing every lawyer has, as it is sometimes necessary to know how to persuade in court. Our lawyers are all-rounders as they do everything legal to help our clients.

Here at the Barkemeyer Law Firm, we know that allegations could be filed against a client, and this is why we devise so many strategies to ensure that the case ends in your favor. We work with honesty and transparency, commitment and dedication, experience and skill.

We Practice DWI Defense in the Following Areas:

St. Tammany Parish DWI lawyer, Covington DWI lawyer, Mandeville DWI attorney, Slidell, Abita Springs, Madisonville, Pearl River, Folsom, Sun, Eden Isle, Lacombe, Livingston Parish, Livingston criminal defense attorney, Denham Springs, Walker, Livingston DUI lawyer, Springfield, Albany, French Settlement, Killian, Port Vincent, Watson, Tangipahoa Parish, Hammond criminal lawyer, Ponchatoula, Amite City, Independence, Kentwood, Roseland, Tangipahoa DWI attorney, Tickfaw, Natalbany, Washington Parish, Franklinton, Bogalusa, Angie, Enon, Varnado, St. Helena Parish, Greensburg, New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Gretna, Hahnville, Belle Chasse, St. Bernard, Slidell, St. Tammany, St. Charles, St. John, Laplace, Mandeville, Covington, and Jefferson.and Montpelier.

Contact the Louisiana criminal lawyers and Louisiana DUI attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm.

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The Barkemeyer Law Firm is dedicated to providing superior DUI defense to our clients anywhere in Louisiana.  We regularly travel from courthouse to courthouse helping clients with misdemeanor DWI and felony DWI charges.  Since we have been doing this for over fourteen years, we have learned how the various court systems work and the local procedures for each.  This knowledge allows us to better serve our clients.  If you have received a DWI in Louisiana, give us a call regardless of where you were arrested.  Find the location of the arrest below.  We serve all of the areas of Louisiana for DWI below.

Acadia Parish, Louisiana DWICrowley, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Allen Parish, Louisiana DWIOberlin, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Ascension Parish, Louisiana DWIDonaldsonville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Assumption Parish, Louisiana DWINapoleonville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana DWIMarksville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Beauregard Parish, Louisiana DWIDe Ridder, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Bienville Parish, Louisiana DWIArcadia, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Bossier Parish, Louisiana DWIBenton, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Caddo Parish, Louisiana DWIShreveport, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana DWILake Charles, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Caldwell Parish, Louisiana DWIColumbia, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Cameron Parish, Louisiana DWICameron, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Catahoula Parish, Louisiana DWIHarrisonburg, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Claiborne Parish, Louisiana DWIHomer, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Concordia Parish, Louisiana DWIVidalia, Louisiana DWI lawyer
De Soto Parish, Louisiana DWIMansfield, Louisiana DWI lawyer
East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana DWIBaton Rouge, Louisiana DWI lawyer
East Carroll Parish, Louisiana DWILake Providence, Louisiana DWI lawyer
East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana DWIClinton, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Evangeline Parish, Louisiana DWIVille Platte, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Franklin Parish, Louisiana DWIWinnsboro, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Grant Parish, Louisiana DWIColfax, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Iberia Parish, Louisiana DWINew Iberia, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Iberville Parish, Louisiana DWIPlaquemine, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Jackson Parish, Louisiana DWIJonesboro, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana DWIJennings, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Jefferson Parish, Louisiana DWIGretna, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Lafayette Parish, Louisiana DWILafayette, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Lafourche Parish, Louisiana DWIThibodaux, Louisiana DWI lawyer
La Salle Parish, Louisiana DWIJena, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Lincoln Parish, Louisiana DWIRuston, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Livingston Parish, Louisiana DWILivingston, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Madison Parish, Louisiana DWITallulah, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Morehouse Parish, Louisiana DWIBastrop, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana DWINatchitoches, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Orleans Parish, Louisiana DWINew Orleans, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Ouachita Parish, Louisiana DWIMonroe, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana DWIPointe A La Hache, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana DWINew Roads, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Rapides Parish, Louisiana DWIAlexandria, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Red River Parish, Louisiana DWICoushatta, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Richland Parish, Louisiana DWIRayville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Sabine Parish, Louisiana DWIMany, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana DWIChalmette, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. Charles Parish, Louisiana DWIHahnville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. Helena Parish, Louisiana DWIGreensburg, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. James Parish, Louisiana DWIConvent, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. John The Baptist Parish, Louisiana DWIEdgard, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. Landry Parish, Louisiana DWIOpelousas, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. Martin Parish, Louisiana DWISt. Martinville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. Mary Parish, Louisiana DWIFranklin, Louisiana DWI lawyer
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana DWICovington, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana DWIAmite, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Tensas Parish, Louisiana DWISt. Joseph, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana DWIHouma, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Union Parish, Louisiana DWIFarmerville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Vermilion Parish, Louisiana DWIAbbeville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Vernon Parish, Louisiana DWILeesville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Washington Parish, Louisiana DWIFranklinton, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Webster Parish, Louisiana DWIMinden, Louisiana DWI lawyer
West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana DWIPort Allen, Louisiana DWI lawyer
West Carroll Parish, Louisiana DWIOak Grove, Louisiana DWI lawyer
West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana DWISt. Francisville, Louisiana DWI lawyer
Winn Parish, Louisiana DWIWinnfield, Louisiana DWI lawyer