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Can i flee the scene of an accident to avoid DWI

Can I Flee the Scene of an Accident to Avoid a DWI?

Can I Flee the Scene of an Accident to Avoid a DWI: What You Need to Know and What You Should Do and learn what steps you should take.


Can I Buy a Gun in Louisiana if I have a DWI? 

Can I Buy a Gun in Louisiana if I have a DWI? This article will help answer important questions you might have about DWI in Louisiana.

How Much Does a DWI Cost?

How Much Does a DWI Cost? There are many different costs associated with getting arrested for a DWI or DUI charges. The costs may include bail fee, vehicle impound, drug tests, substance abuse evaluation, treatment, community service, rehabilitative classes, Driver Improvement Program, MADD victim impact panel fee, bond supervision fees, diversion programs, court costs, restitution, […]

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DWI Questions and Answers

DWI Questions and Answers DWI questions and answers: If you have been arrested for DWI or DUI, the article should help answer some important questions you may have. The information we provide was written by Mr. Barkemeyer, a Louisiana DWI lawyer with over 18 years experience. He wrote the published book on DWI in Louisiana […]

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What If I Can’t Afford A DWI Attorney?

If you are reading this post, you may be wondering what if I can’t afford a DWI attorney. And in this post we will answer your question.

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Which State Has The Toughest DWI Laws?

Are you wondering which state has the toughest DWI laws? Read on to learn where you don’t want to get charged with DWI!

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Can A DWI Be Dismissed?

Can A DWI Be Dismissed? Are you wondering – can a DWI be dismissed? Read on to learn the answer to all of your DWI / DUI questions! You can also read our other recent blog post: DWI or DUI – which is worse to begin gathering information on your charges and how to best […]

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DWI Or DUI – Which Is Worse?

DWI Or DUI – Which is Worse? Are you wondering about DWI or DUI which is worse? Well if you want to know more on this topic, you are in the right place. After having a few drinks, you drive home and are pulled over. The police says he’s giving you a D-something-I, but you […]

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Is It Pointless To Hire An Expensive Lawyer When Facing DWI?

Is It Pointless to Hire an Expensive Lawyer When Facing DWI?  Is it pointless to hire an expensive lawyer when facing DWI? This post is going to answer all of your questions on this very important topic and more! And here at Barkemeyer Law Firm we get asked this very frequently. So let’s dive into […]

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What To Do After Getting Arrested for DWI

If you have been arrested for a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), it is essential to take immediate steps to protect your legal rights and minimize the consequences of your arrest. The Case Examples below are hypothetical situations written to give you an idea of how the court system operates. Although they are not real examples, […]


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