Public Intoxication

What You Need to Know About Public Intoxication Charges in Louisiana

Louisiana, and New Orleans in particular, are party central. The lights are always on and the drinks are always flowing. In fact, in New Orleans, it is legal to drink out in the street. To be more exact, it is legal to drink outside only in the French Quarter, and only out of a plastic […]

Disturbing the Peace

Ultimate Guide to Disturbing the Peace Charges in New Orleans

Have you or any of your loved ones recently been charged with disturbing the peace in New Orleans? Are you looking for a way to peacefully get yourself out of court and out of trouble? Are you aware of exactly what disturbing the peace really is and what the penalties you are liable to face […]

Know Your Rights

What to Do When Getting Pulled Over: 7 Tips

On a typical day, 50,000 drivers are pulled over. That equals over 20 million motorists every year. Encounters with law enforcement are stressful. But the more you know about your rights, the better prepared you will be if you get pulled over. Drivers must be aware of what police officers can and can’t do at […]


How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When someone is arrested for a crime, the judge has the option of setting a bail. The judge will determine the bail amount after examining various factors surrounding the arrest and defendant such as the alleged crime, facts in the affidavit of probable cause, defendant’s criminal record, where the defendant resides, and any other flight-risk […]

Know Your Rights

What Are Your Rights? What to Know When Speaking to the Police

If you’ve been pulled over by the police and are being questioned by them, it’s hard to know what your rights are. Even though you have rights (such as remaining silent) the cop might imply that you have no choice but to do as they say. Many people in New Orleans find themselves in this […]


10 Things You Should Do to Prepare For Going to Court

If you’ve got a court appearance coming up, you will no doubt have worries about which way the proceedings will go.  Whether you are attending to defend yourself, as a witness, or you’re bringing a lawsuit against someone else, you’ll want a smooth and stress-free day in court. Regardless of your role in the proceedings, […]

Criminal Law

Receiving a Car Accident Court Summons: What to Do Next

You are at fault in a traffic accident so you pay the ticket to resolve the matter. You are shocked when you later receive a court summons.  Now, what do you do? A summons is an official notice to the recipient that they are being sued. The summons arrives with the complaint stating the allegations […]


What to Expect When Facing Assault Charges in Louisiana

You may think that trying to intimidate someone by threatening them is okay. The truth is, threatening someone is committing assault. You may receive assault charges for violating Louisiana law, which states an assault is a threat of bodily harm that makes a person fear impending violence. Aggravated assault is if you use a weapon […]

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Your Complete Guide Underage Drinking Laws in Louisiana

Underage drinking is very common in Louisiana, and around the United States in general. Statistics show that 58% of American teens will have had at least one alcoholic drink by the time they reach 18. Generally, American laws on underage alcohol consumption are much stricter than in other countries. However, Louisiana’s legal system is different […]

Criminal Court Process

What to Do If You’re Arrested in New Orleans

New Orleans is renowned for being a city with one of the largest party scenes. Unfortunately, though, this often leads to legal troubles for those who let things get out of hand. If you’ve been arrested, though, it’s not the end of the world— you just need to know what steps to take next. Not […]