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how long will a dwi stay on my record in Louisiana?

How Long Will A DWI Stay On My Record In Louisiana?

Are you wondering how long will a DWI stay on my record in Louisiana? This post will answer all your questions on the topic!

best dwi attorney Covington, LA

Should I Consult With A Lawyer For A DWI?

Wondering should I consult with a lawyer for a DWI? Here we will answer all of your questions.

dwi law firm near me

Can I Get A Job If I Have A DWI?

Can I Get a Job if I Have a DWI? Are you wondering, can I get a job if I have a DWI? This post will walk you through everything you need to know. DWI Charges Can Be Quite Common Many people have been arrested for driving under the influence. We are not saying that […]

how to get rid of a DWI

How To Get Rid Of A DWI

Are you wondering how to get rid of a DWI? this post will explain everything you need to know on removing a DWI from your record.

do I really need a lawyer for a DWI?

Are DWI Records Public?

Are you wondering are DWI records public? This post will walk you through everything you want to know!

bank fraud lawyer Louisiana

What To Bring To A Lawyer Consultation

What to bring to a lawyer consultation: this post will walk you through everything you need to bring to be fully prepared!

best lawyer for contractor fraud charges in Louisiana

Benefits Of Getting A Lawyer Consultation

Wondering about the benefits of getting a lawyer consultation? Read on to learn everything on the topic!

Free Consultation: You Get What You Pay For

Free Consultation: You Get What You Pay For In the attorney-hiring world, there is a myth that a person with a legal dilemma can call an attorney for a free consultation to solve their problems. Before I dispel this myth, ask yourself the following questions: Would I call a doctor that I found on Google […]

Arrested for Marijuana in the New Orleans Airport

Many people move marijuana through the airport in New Orleans. They will transport it on the plane in their suitcases as they travel to the Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner, Louisiana from other states. They will pack the suitcase full of marijuana weighing 50-60 pounds. When they get caught, they are usually looking at […]

expungement lawyer Louisiana

What Charges Cannot be Expunged in Louisiana? 

What Charges Cannot be Expunged in Louisiana?  As a rule of thumb, any crime that is categorized as violent cannot be expunged. This also includes attempted crimes that are considered violent. Another rule of thumb is that any sex offense that involves a child under the age of seventeen cannot be expunged. Lastly, any violation […]


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