Prostitution Lawyer in St. Tammany, Louisiana

We defend those charged with Prostitution, Pandering, and Solicitation in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. The offense of Prostitution in Louisiana is a misdeamor on the first conviction with a sentencing range of up to six months in jail. Prostitution second offense is a felony that carries up to two (2) years in prison. Third offense is a felony that carries two to four years in prison. It doesn't matter if the prior convictions occurred in Louisiana or ot-of-state. Therefore, this is a charge that must be handled appropriately from the first one.

Prostitution occurs when one person compensates another for sex. It is also the solicitation by one person of another with the intent to engage in indiscriminate sexual intercourse with the latter for compensation.  Many charges for prostitution stem from the use of advertising online. Appointments are scheduled and undercover police are present. Nevertheless, there may be various defenses to this charge, depending on the facts of the case. 

Soliciting for prostitutes

Soliciting for Prostitution invloves persuading, coercing, inviting, or transporting someone for the purposes of prostitution. It is basically asking someone to engage in prostitution. Soliciting is a misdemeanor offense in Louisiana and carries a sentencing range of up to six months in jail. It is a charge that can hurt the defendant's record. Mr. Barkemeyer can help handle this charge with the goal of keeing his client's record as clean as possible. 


Pandering is a serious charge in Louisiana. It is a felony that carries up to five years in prison. Pandering is basically pimping. It involves persuading, encouraging, or causing someone to engage in the practice of prostitution. It also in cludes acts such as transporting any person for the purpose of promoting prostitution as well as receiving money from a person for engaging in prostitution. This charge must be taken seriously because it can end up in jail time.

St Tammany Parish Prostitution, Soliciting, and Pandering Lawyer

Mr. Barkemeyer is experienced in representing clients charged with Prostitution, Soliciting for Prostitutes, and Pandering. He will be able to evaluate your case and explore defenses as well as provide a mitigation strategy. 

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