Obtaining Prescription Pills by Fraud Lawyer in St. Tammany

It is a felony offense to obtain or attempt to obtain prescription medication by fraud. A common example is acquiring a physician's prescription pad, filling it in, siging it, and presenting it to a pharmacy to be filled. Another example is acquiring someone else's valid prescription, altering the name and the presenting it to th epharmacy to be filled. Finally, it is common to acquire a valid prescription made out to someone else, then present fake identification to the pharmacist when filling it.

This charge carries a sentencing range of up to five years in prison. Mr. Barkemeyer has defended many clients with this charge. He understands the applicable defenses and mitigation strategies used to get the best possible outcome. Whether you received the charge in Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Lacombe, or anywhere else in St. Tammany Parish, we may be able to help.

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