DWI Third & Fourth Offense

Felony offense DWI is a very serious matter that requires that assistance of counsel that practices in this area regularly and is experienced in how to defend felony DWI cases in Louisiana. Mr. Barkemeyer has handled these types of cases for several years. 

Misdemeanor DWI is a DWI First Offese or DWI Second Offense. A DWI is a felony charge when the State can prove the defendant has been convicted at least two previos times. 

3rd - Third Offense DWI

The felony charge of DWI Thrid Offense is a very serious charge. The law has changed recently, allowing for stiffer penalties. The sentencing range is now one to five years in prison. That means that if the defendant is convicted, he/she must do at least one year in jail. Many times, judges will then place the defendant on probation after release for five years. The judge may then proscribe various conditions of probation which are expensive and time-consuming. 

4th - Fourth (and Subsequent) Offense DWI

The charge of DWI Fourth Offense is even more strict. The sentencing range is ten to thirty years in prison, and two years of that sentence are without benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence. 

St. Tammany Felony DWI Defense Attorney

Mr. Barkemeyer has had many clients who have faced lengthy sentences for DWI Third Offense and DWI Fourth Offense. He has used his skills and experience to get the best possible result for his clients. He understands the laws and defenses surrounding felony DWI and how to successfuly defend these charges. 

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