Drug Distribution Lawyer in St. Tammany, Louisiana

The charge of Distribution of narcotics in Louisiana is a very serious matter. Distribution does not always have to include dealing drugs for money. It can involve simply giving someone else your adderal. However, the more serious matters involve selling drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, and marijuana. 

Distribution of Cocaine, Crack, and Methamphetamine

Distribution of cocaine, crack, and meth carries a sentencing range of 2-30 years in prison without the benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence on the first 2 years. That means if convicted, you must do time in jail. It doesn't matter if you have a clean record.

Distribution of Marijuana or Synthetic Cannabinoids 

Distribution of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids carries a sentencing range of 5-30 years in prison. However, the sentence may be suspended and probation allowed. Nevertheless, many judges will sentence the defendant to prison on this charge, regardless of criminal record.

Defenses to Drug Distribution 

There are defenses to the charge of drug distribution. To prove the case, the prosecutor must show that distribution did in fact take place. This is usually done through witnesses. Sometimes video and/or audio surveillance will also be used by the prosecution. The witnesses credibility must be examined as a possible defense. Police protocol and may lead to technical and legal defenses regarding violation of Constitutional rights. 

St. Tammany Drug Charge Lawyer

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