St Tammany Parish Disturbing the Peace Lawyer 

The charge of Disturbing the Peace is considered a misdemeanor and carries a sentencing range of 0-90 days in jail.  Depending on the alleged facts of the case, the charge could be punishable by up to 6 months in jail. An example of Disturbing the Peace is by fistic encounter, aka street fight. Other examples are using offenseive language, cursing, appearing intoxicated in public, or interrupting a group of people who may be where they are. 

Public Intoxication Defense Lawyer in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Public Intoxication is a very common provision of Disturbing the Peace. It carries the same sentencing as stated above of 0-90 days in jail. Besides jail time and a stiff fine, a conviction for public intoxication can negatively impact a person's record which may affect employment, school enrollment, and reputation. It is important that these charges be handled appropriately to minimize the negative impact on one's future.

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